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Cryptassist Semua yang Anda butuhkan di satu platform
Salah satu masalah yang paling dalam cryptosphere adalah bahwa seiring waktu, cryptocurrency telah menjadi tambahan dan lebih sulit bagi pemula dan bahkan spesialis untuk memahami dan tidak banyak digunakan sebagai mata uang pada hari ini. Cryptassist (CTA) dapat mengatasi kekurangan ini dengan menciptakan cryptocurrency yang dapat digunakan untuk semua orang dalam standar hidup.

However, the Cryptassist mission is to supply everyone with unfettered access to the world of crypto-assets through an array of 25 essential tools with everything from trading and news alerts, to an OTC exchange and even a debit card. The ultimate set of crypto-related tools all in one easy to use application, no platforms in crypto world has so many features in one platform. Users will be able to use their CTA to access these tools and notifications.

Cryptassist is a platform that aims at solving the problems of non-understandability of the crypto assets by making them usable for everyone in their day to day life. The mission is to supply and incentivize everyone by making them accessible to the world of cryptocurrency. It is an array of 25 tools consisting of everything from trading to the information providing in a single platform. Cryptassist will help you without any bias whether you are a beginner or a crypto expert. Due to its decentralized platform, the cryptassist will resolve the scalability issues of various cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and byteball. The cryptassist provides a unique refillable debit card that can be used as any other debit card as the cryptocurrencies will fastly get converted into the desired currency. The game issued by the platform known as cryptogo will increase the interest of the users and will also help them earn some real rewards by locating and capturing crypto. The best part that will help in the development of good faith among the people in the development of its own fully licensed spot exchange. There are other fascinating services provided by the platform like the messenger for chatting and encrypted messaging. Cryptassist will also offer its services to the environment and non-profit organizations and will provide the donation to them in both fiat and digital currency.

ICO Details:

Maximum of 74.75 M CTA sold during ICO
3.25 M CTA coins reserved for bounty program
10 M CTA coins reserved for team, promotional activities and listing on exchanges
Duration of ICO: July 31 st – September 12 th 2018
Ticker: CTA
Platform: DAG
Price: $0.38 USD
Hard Cap: $23.67 M USD
Soft Cap: is already guaranteed

In case you have any questions or would like to join, all official sources of the project I will leave Below:

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