StakeCoin - restart the project with a new team and airdrop (ann)

StakeCoin - restart the project with a new team

Friends, good day! Today I want to tell you about a very worthy of attention crypto-startup: the coin StakeCoin. The start of the project was given back in 2015 and the project was quite successfully developed, proof of which is an extensive topic on the most famous crypto-forum However, after some time in the development team there were problems and the project was temporarily postponed.

But the community did not forget about the coin, the network continued to function stably, wallets were synchronized and the coin was even traded and is still trading on the exchanges!. And now, in April 2018, the project team in a highly updated composition has started to restart and rebrand the project in order to bring it to the top events of the crypto-currency industry.

Now I will tell you about the most interesting: with the purpose of advertising the project was initiated idrop. You need to make retweets on Twitter news of the project and run the wallet 24/7. For this, the founder of the project allocates a reward in cryptocurrency, the size of which depends on the number of your friends. You can get at least 100 coins, and the price of each coin today is about 3 dollars.

It's very profitable. The project is actively expanding the network, attracting new users, and in order for the newly joined to be able to get the maximum reward from POS-mining, the team temporarily disabled their own wallets. This way you will earn a lot more coins. Agree, not every developer cares about its users. Currently, the developer has set the immediate goal of creating a network and 1000 POS-nodes. So you should hurry up to have time to get to the lucky ones, and I'm not kidding: multiply again 100 by 3 and think, think well! This is a very good offer indeed.

Now we list the main parameters of the coin StakeCoin:
Name of coin: StakeCoin
Ticker (initials): STK
Start date of project: January 11, 2015
Mining type: POS (proof of stake)
Total coins in circulation: 1.82 million
Coins left after rebranding: 1.1 million
Generating unit: 66,6 sec
The recalculation of difficulty every block
Block reward: 0.5 STK
Network Commission: 0.0001 STK


Wallet (Windows) :


Archive of the blockchain (9 may):




New project thread: [ENG]

The same video is available on the implementation of airdrop:

And instructions for setting up the Raspberry Pi 3:

The team has not yet finished rebranding the website, so the link will appear later as the work is completed.

So, the basic data on the coin you are presented. In my opinion, the project deserves the closest attention and participation, especially since no special labor is required. Mining coins is very profitable now and therefore running a wallet 24/7 should not scare you (and miners with experience and even more so), the offer is extremely profitable, because the coins are already traded on exchanges I

You become a member of the project with more than three years of history, the project team is presented on the first page of the forum topics (the project developers have participated and continue to support the Energycoin project, which also exists for many years). The POS mining algorithm does not require significant investments in the acquisition of GPU-farms or ASIC-machines and is quite available to any qualified PC user. It is enough only to ensure the smooth operation of the PC and running on it a local full-fledged wallet in 24/7 mode.

If you are interested in the topic of POS-mining and want to join a reliable and time-tested project-welcome!

Wallet (presented budget for rebranding the project)


Geography of active wallets distribution to date (10.05.2018):

New logo


That's it, your Megalucker

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