Today I have prepared for you an overview of an interesting project.Bronix is a new generation peer-to-peer trading platform that aims to provide investment and payment solutions that are independent, efficient, transparent and stable. It combines blockchain technology and advanced software such as smart contracts, Inter Planetary File System and BigChain DB, which provide users with financial stability in the current unstable market. The integrated technology allows for faster transactions and scalability on the platform. Then, faster transactions will lead to better liquidity and cash flow pool within organizations and businesses. 

 Thanks to blockchain technology, the platform aims to provide equal and fair opportunities for people around the world in the cryptocurrency market by eliminating interference from third parties such as government or financial institutions. 

 ow does Bronix Cryptocurrency Investment Trading Exchange workNo middlemen, who are often the source of huge problems - large commissions, trouble with the government, fraudulent schemes.Inflation protection has also been created to help protect against fluctuations known in this market. This will help protect your desired income stability. Their website has extensive information about articles and blogs, including those that will keep you in the "knowledge" of what is happening in the world of cryptography. Knowledge is power - the right knowledge in any case. 

 Full version information about the release and purchase of the tokens available on the website of the Bronix. In addition, three key team members have bio and additional contact information. 

 Bronix is the new platform which is decentralized and no one owns it. This is a highly advanced trading platform which helps traders to complete KYC process quickly and also help with quick withdrawals. Another best thing is that it has new ideas in derivatives trading. You can now work with options trading which is very new to crypto currencies. This is a utility based token with initial cost 0.35$ and it may go higher binance coin. The demand will increase for sure and the more people get involved with trading, the higher coin price. 

 The algorithm uses social trading platform which means if someone is good at picking right trades then his trades can be copied by other people as well. This makes the system overall profitable to all traders. So there is a small commission for the traders and the expert trader gains all those commission in bronix tokens. The token price is fixed at 0.35$ and if you are investing more than 10000$ then you can get 30 percent bonus which is good. This is the best time to invest because there is a long term bullish trend soon with crypto currencies. 

 Bronix is a new generation inter-company trading platform that offers independent, efficient, transparent and stable investment and payment solutions. It combines block chain technology and advanced software such as Smart Conventions, Interplanetary File System and BigChain DB to provide financial stability in such current unstable markets. 

 Integrated technology provides faster processing and scalability on the platform. Later, faster transactions lead to a better pool of liquidity and cash flow within organizations and companies. 

 BRONIX strives to provide a fully independent, independent, stable, efficient, equitable and transparent investment solution. Bronix uses blockchain architecture and peer-to-peer based technologies to deliver far more desirable financial security and revenue stability in today's turbulent market scenario. 

 Bronix provides self-managed, non-governmental alternatives and an independent cryptocurrency for investment platforms that offer maximum privacy of digital data, security, transparency and a user-friendly interface for referrals. Money can be translated in real time regardless of time and place in the world. Bronix has a clear vision and a clear strategy to achieve the same. 

 Bronix provides financial freedom and stability in today's volatile economy, helping to remain invincible in the current scenario. With the support of distributed accounting technology and the world's best technical team, Bronix was founded to create standards in the crypto currency market. 

 Bronix on ICO BRNX Token
Bronix will reach its goals through THE bronix token compatible with the ERC 20, which is the utility token used to trade on the platform. Ownership of the token guarantees membership in the platform without taking into account the number of tokens owned by the user. The copy-trade feature included in the system will allow all users to participate in the trade as they can follow the steps that professional traders take. 

 The platform will allow its users to perform margin trading in which users can borrow (at a set credit rate ) Bronix tokens for a long or short term from other token holders and then use them to trade. This is similar to the concept in which a person will buy credits and then settle them later. 

 In addition to trading, users can use the platform's encrypted communication service to discuss issues with the token with other users. Traders can make money on this service by charging a consultation fee.Benefits of the Bronix platformEfficient translations
The underlying Foundation of the platform ensures that senders and recipients anywhere in the world can carry out direct transactions without any third parties. This elimination of middlemen simplifies the transaction process while reducing transaction costs faced by users. 

  Benefits of the Bronix platformEfficient translations
The underlying Foundation of the platform ensures that senders and recipients anywhere in the world can carry out direct transactions without any third parties. This elimination of middlemen simplifies the transaction process while reducing transaction costs faced by users. 

The platform uses an excellent algorithm, blockchain technology and multi-level security systems. Its servers are also distributed around the world and are protected by CloudFlare service provider, which is known for its reliable and secure services. This makes its system flexible and not subject to cyber attacks from hackers. 

 Experienced team and leaders
Bronix consists of active managers, executives and technical staff who have extensive skills gained over many years of experience in the industry, ensuring proper management of their funds and investments. The team also ensures that the service it provides to its users is of high quality.Privacy
Using the technology of smart contracts, users on the platform can make anonymous transactions using aliases or transaction ID. This will ensure the privacy of all transactions through the platform. 

 Fraud protection
The decentralized nature of the platform will make all operations open to the public and monitoring. This means that the system will be able to identify transactions that do not seem legitimate. Therefore, the platform will protect users from any fraudulent transactions. 

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