Solar energy will reduce utilities

American corporation Tesla continues to promote environmental sources of energy. This year sales of household lithium-ion batteries started. Now they can be bought in the store as a vacuum cleaner or refrigerator and accumulate solar energy for home use.

The device was named Powerwall. It is a panel about 18 cm thick, which can be hung on the wall. In length and width, it resembles a large TV measuring 130 by 86 cm.
The fuss around the solar battery is so great that it does not stop even the price of $ 3000, because it is clear that over 10 years of operation (as promised by Tesla), it will be possible to reduce the figures in the accounts for heat and electricity much more.

The use of solar energy can not only save, but also earn. Invest money to build new or expand solar power plants, it is much better to receive interest than from a deposit in bank.
This opportunity is given by a professional team that created the Solar DAO project for the construction of solar stations. Investors who invested in their funds know about the prospects of the project and are pleased with the opportunity to successfully multiply their capital.

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