Investments in Solar energy

Recently scientific activity has been carried out to improve the efficiency of PV solar stations, namely the efficiency of photocells, their emission (conversion of solar energy into thermal energy). This was greatly facilitated by the growth in demand for solar energy due to international programs and agreements to reduce the emission of Co2 into the atmosphere.

In the report for 2016, large countries (Europe, the United States, India, China and many others) are developing a single tariff for solar energy. While it is known that the cost per kW / h will be indexed due to investments in the development of solar stations and the technology as a whole, more accurate (unified) data will be published no earlier than 2018 with indexation in 2020.
In simple terms, solar energy will grow in price, while remaining cheaper than the one we use. Deciding to check whether this is me, I looked through the list of the currency filter. What was my surprise when I saw that different power plants (the last generation of PVs) accept deposits even in crypto currency!

And here is the Solar DAO project. An experienced team of power engineers proposes to make a joint contribution to the construction of the SPS, constantly increasing the total capacity of the stations built and purchased.
With the help of the Etherium system, you can not just make an investment, but the most important thing is to have a guarantee and growing dividends at the expense of the general growth of investors. Solar DAO seemed to me the most prestigious and loyal to the client group of investors.

Firstly, you can clearly trace their history - information about founders is easy to find on the Internet, there you can see their work.
Secondly, you are offered tariff conditions (contribution = constantly growing income, proportional to the contribution).

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