EXPO 2017

At the international exhibition EXPO-2017, which has been held for several months in the capital of Kazakhstan, dozens of countries show their achievements in the alternative energy sector. The biggest part of all expositions is devoted to the use of renewable energy sources.

Qatar, Egypt, China, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France, Israel and Pakistan are increasingly using solar energy, turning the main minus of the desert into an excellent advantage. Investments in alternative energy reach a mark of tens of billions dollars.
Now you can become one of the investors who see the future for alternative energy. Thanks to the Solar DAO project, investors finally received an excellent tool for investing in solar energy. Representing a decentralized fund, the project operates on the basis of the famous Ethereum crypto currency and its blockchain system. Investors have profit from using the Feed-in-Tariff by Solar DAO.

At the moment, over the past 15 years, the capacity of solar power plants in the world has grown 200 times.

Website: http://solardao.me
Official documentation: http://solardao.me/files/wpeng.pdf
ANN thread: http://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2020066

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