Energy shortage. The main problem of mankind

Any invention of mankind passes a hard trip to realization. A talented businessman does not invent a mobile phone or an electric car engine, he catches prospects. One of the founders of Apple sold its stake in the company in 1976 for $ 800 and regretted it for the rest of his life.
Energy has become the biggest problem of mankind. From economic, it turned into a matter of great politics. Dependence on energy carriers can bring entire countries and peoples to the knees of the powers that possess these resources.

The Solar DAO Project - Independence and Prosperity*VHeJ45PukyOAtQY3fJwF6A.png

The most effective, and most importantly inexhaustible source of energy is solar. The construction of solar power stations is expensive and requires a serious budget. But how far-sighted will be that businessman who will invest his capital in this matter.
One of such projects is Solar DAO. It allows you to finance the construction of SPS and receive dividends from the sale of energy. Since 2000, the area of ​​solar cells in the world has grown almost 200 times. What financial geniuses were the shareholders of the first companies. The Solar DAO project gives us this opportunity right now, just do not miss it.

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