Bunnies, Energy and Wallet

Engineers and scientists from South Wales have reached record solar conversion efficiency, increasing the efficiency of a conventional solar panel to 40%. How did they manage it?

It is known that only part of the spectrum of solar radiation silicon panel converts into electricity. The efficiency of a conventional panel does not exceed 18%. The remaining energy heats the substrate. To increase the flow of light does not make sense, the elements can melt. And what if you use filters and deflecting lenses?

That's what they did in Australia. By sending solar bunnies with mirrors and filtering ballast, scientists removed from the usual panel twice as much electricity.

But why we have mention wallet? It's all about the new way of investment, which gives us a crypto currency. The profitability from the introduction of scientific developments in the field of green energy exceeds 300%. This is the reason for the explosive start of the Solar DAO investment project, which in just two days raised $ 150,000. Crypto currency allows everyone to make money on discoveries and applying the best green technical solutions. But this is not the main thing. By investing even a small amount of money in solar energy, we invest in our own health, not forgetting about our purse.


Do not regret a couple of minutes, learning more about the Solar DAO project
Website: http://solardao.me
Official documentation: http://solardao.me/files/wpeng.pdf
ANN thread: http://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2020066

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