E-Cigarette - A new generation

one point in our life, we have all heard about the idea of electronic cigarettes, whether from close ones, or stumbling across the term online.

Maybe you have heard different perspectives about the hobby, and experienced that there is quite a stigma shrouded around this new age of smoking.

If you have ever wondered about the benefits and possibilities and even the negatives of this technology and would like to hear about them from a first hand perspective, please continue.

Most people who use electronic cigarettes refer to them as "Vapes", this is because conventional electronic cigarettes use a liquid which is heated, not burnt, causing the production of vapour.

Is vaping safer than smoking?

Recent studies suggest that a person switching from cigarettes to vaping has a significant improvement on the state of their health and lungs.

It has been known for many years that traditional methods of smoking cigarettes have a diverse impact based on the amount of chemicals and tar inhaled from the substance when combusted.

Vaping may be the answer to this as a healthier alternative that cuts out all of the nasty chemicals whilst still being able to get your fix of nicotine.

Is the vape liquid safe?

The liquid used for vaping, commonly referred to as "e-liquid", the base for all liquid is made up of two different components, the first being Vegetable Glycerine, a natural product often made from coconut, soy or palm oil. The second ingredient is known as Propylene Glycol, a synthetic substance often found in food and beverage. Both of which are labelled with food grade and even kosher standards.

Added to this base mix of VG and PG, are a range of flavourings, often the type of artificial flavourings found in food all around the world.
These when combined with the base liquid allow for wonderful tastes and aromas whilst vaping, making quite the pleasurable and fulfilling experience that reaches a whole new level above smoking cigarettes.

If you are a smoker and have an addiction to nicotine, then let it be known that using nicotine based liquid in a vape is a healthier alternative to smoking. There is tons of research that also highlights the benefits of nicotine and helps shine light on the black cloud that has been caused by smoking related illnesses.

So now that you have a basic understanding of what vaping is, let's get into the benefits and the negatives.

Pros VS Cons

I'll begin this with the list of cons and how they affect me as an everyday vaper, and ex smoker:

  • This is a new technology, there has been no prolonged research that indicates long term nor short term affects as a definite, but being said there is a good outlook based on studies to date.
  • Depending where you live, it may be illegal to purchase liquids containing nicotine, such as in Australia (to an extent).
  • Hard to find an entry point and make the transit from smoking to vaping, FYI YouTube has tons of material for beginners!
  • Again, this is a new technology and vaping in public places or around people who are unsure can cause wariness, I have experienced this first hand.
  • Battery life, yes these things run on batteries, and being caught out somewhere with no charge is on par with forgetting your lighter.
  • Can be expensive to start off

So those are a few of the negatives to vaping, now we can look at some of the positives!

Such as:

  • Healthier and tastier than any cigarette you could ever inhale!
  • Makes for a great conversation piece
  • Ability to DIY all your liquids and save ALOT of money, I save 95% of my old tobacco budget just from the switch to this! Not only that but I can craft and adjust my mixes so I know exactly what I'm inhaling and how much nicotine I'm using.
  • Great community and online presence of others who absolutely love this hobby
  • Thousands of different brands and products available to really customise and fit your style.
  • THE FLAVOURS, absolutely the best thing about vaping is the exponential amount of combinations available, and 98% of them are delicious.
  • Last I will add one of the biggest positives to vaping, the ability to encourage others to take a look at this and share my knowledge and perspective.


Wrapping things up, I'd really recommend after reading this article to go on YouTube and search more on the benefits and negatives to vaping, also look at some of the great supporters and content creators on there, and if you are seriously considering getting involved, or looking for a way to quit smoking cigarettes, this might be just the answer you're looking for!

Stay groovy ✌️

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