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ProFish | The first decentralized Platform Built for Retailers, Vendors, and Fishermen


As we all know that eating fish is very important to our health and every one loves fishing as recreational activities because it's a type of sport, easy, and fun. Researchers has it that over sixty million people in America spend about forty-six billion dollars each year on recreational fishing. This amount is really huge but that's not all the when fishing expenses like lodging, traveling and equipments are added to recreational fishing (also known as sport fishing) it has a total economic of impact $115 billion in the US alone. And this has been generating revenue to countries who have recreational fishing like the the US which have about 45% of global sport fishing revenue, countries like Japan, South America, Australia, South Africa, and
Scandinavia have their revenue increase 3.5% per year through Sport Fishing.

However, as we have seen the blockchain technology doing wonderful things and helping to solve problems in every way in humans life, this is why ProFish have decided to destruct the recreational fishing industry with it lay out plan by using blockchain technology to motivate and help those who love and participate in recreational fishing. ProFish is the first organization of its kind, in a completely untapped market. ProFish is built on the blockchain technology and its fully decentralized platform to provide service to fishing community. ProFish will feature ; Fishing tournaments, marketplace for fishermen, rewarding the vendor and retailers and integrated social community sharing site operated as social media for fishermen. In this article I will be talking about every but first let's start with the fishing tournaments.

Profish host online fishing tournaments on their secured platform which will allow anyone to participate, users needs to take a picture of themselves with their fish catch and upload them on the ProFish platform the ones with the most catch and big catches wins the tournament. The winners will be made known on the platform and the ProFish social media and will be rewarded with ProFish token, and lots of fishing equipment. The winners will also have an advantages of lower transactions fee any time the make transactions with ProFish token. The announcement will be made known when the online fishing tournaments starts on the platform and the ProFish social medias.

Another feature of ProFish is it online marketplace. The ProFish marketplace is where trading of fish is made possible. The ProFish online marketplace allows fishermen, retailers, and vendors alike, all around the world to to buy or sell goods using ProFish token or Ethereum. The marketplace is a fully secured and easy to use built with friendly user interface. Community Members will also be able to use this feature like an online swap meet, to sell used or custom fishing equipment. The marketplace will allow fishing stores to be able to place their goods on the platform and allow buyers to see, select and buy what they want with ProFish token, the token is then automatically sent to the sellers wallet when purchase is been made then the buyer will receive it orders in no time.

The ProFish platform is also built with a reward system which rewards users in some percentages as they participate in the community activities such as sport fishing, advertising the ProFish platform or helping the community. The rewards will be paid in ProFish token to members wallet and can be used to purchase items on the ProFish marketplace.

Token details
ProFish token ''FISH'' is a utility token built on the Ethereum ERC20 standard and design for peer to peer payment currency. It's used to make payments on the ProFish platform to purchase fish equipments and serves as rewards to members. The ProFish token is secure to use and fast with transactions.

Ticker: FISH
Total Supply: 985 Million
Contract Address:0xBb8A83f98e3D98EA1e3bc6E01FA577e5Ec3e62D0
Decimals : 8

Token Distribution

The token is already trading on mercatox and the team is still working to get it listed on more exchanges and even coinmarketcap.


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