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The Blockchain technology has been a great invention, ever since the adoption it has been solving numerous kinds of problems and creating lots of opportunities and development in every tasks which all of this has huge companies and organizations to focus and adopt this technology. At the same time we can't talk about blockchain with cryptocurrency, they are digital currency built on the blockchain, they go hand in hand. Over the last few years Cryptocurrency has greatly increased in numbers and volume with every one having it own utility and this has lead to having lots of exchange platforms. Exchange platforms are where cryptocurrency can be traded are paired with other cryptocurrencies. The increase has been a huge one with every one getting to use them but all still having a major problem. The Cryptocurrency exchange is facing lots of challenges like security breach, loss of funds, liquidity issue, high transaction fees, lack of good customer support, lack of transparency and lots more all of this has lead to many investors and traders leaving the crypto market and has caused a huge loss in the crypto trading market.

However, after seeing this issues lots of projects and works has been put in place in most exchange platform but still the problem keeps getting worse every single day with lot of users funds been stolen by hacker due to low level of security from the exchange platforms and this has made lot to leave the crypto trading entirely. This is why FinanceX is here to solve the existing problem in cryptocurrency exchange. The aims of FinanceX is to provide traders with easy access and full confidence when they trade on the platfom. FinanceX will use it own laid out plans and technology to solve this problems.

FinanceX is a digital asset exchange that provides the ability to trade in local currencies (fiat). FinanceX Exchange is a self-financed cryptocurrency exchange designed for every one who wants to trade cryptocurrency to fiat or vice-versa. This platform is built on the blockchain and its designed to be completely automated to help users regain their confidence in crypto trading. FinanceX has the latest technologies which will enable users trade their Cryptocurrency easily. FinanceX exchange will have numerous kinds of Crypto currencies and be paired with lots of others this will allow traders to swing their trade at anytime.

As I've earlier said that the current crypto exchanges are suffering from security breach and this is part of what FinanceX is here to solve, the platfom is equipped with the latest and standard technologies coupled with being in the Microsoft Azure environment, this will make the entire platform to be fully secured and security breach won't affect it. And with this traders will be able to trade comfortably without any worries of the platfom shorting down. Also assets on the FinanceX exchange platform will be well protected using cold wallets mechanism, which is the safest way to keep crypto assets and will keep every user's fund secured. Cryptocurrency stores in the cold wallet won't open users funds to any hackers and will properly check and track every transaction on the platfom.

Another problem FinanceX exchange is solving is the issue of slow transactions and high Transactions fees, lots of exchanges today keeps increasing their transactions fee and dispite that the transaction is still slow (like taking 1 to 2 days before deposit or withdrawal reflect) this is really bad and had made traders not to trust the current exchange platforms, which is intransparency, FinanceX aim to solve this with it integrated technologies, this will make transactions lot more faster and transparent with less trading worries. Users of the FinanceX exchange will have all of this advantages and benefits to keep them comfortable and happy trading on the platform.

The FinanceX exchange platforms features a fully functional customer service which users can use if they are having any problem. Unlike other crypto exchange platforms which doesn't support customer service and if some support customer service the they won't reply to message from the users which is really bad and this types of exchange does not care about their platform neither the traders and will eventually fold up leaving with the users funds. FinanceX has made its platfom to support the customer service and responds to users questions immediately and if theirs a problem the user is facing it will also be fixed immediately. This has lead to the FinanceX team having the users in mind every time and are their to fix any problem.

The FinanceX app is another great feature of the platform the app will be available to Android and iOS users, which users can use trade anywhere at anytime. The app is built with a friendly user interface which traders will be able to trade and check their assets more faster. FinanceX has also built it own token , solely to be used on the platfom. Traders who holds the FNX token will have their trading transactions fee reduced. FinanceX will give traders the easiest way to trade and with all the technologies and plans put in place the exchange platform will be the best we all have been waiting for. FinanceX exchange will give the advantage to it users to exchange cryptocurrency to any of their local currencies.

Total Supply => 900,000,000
Symbol => FNX

Round 1: 21 Nov. - 04 Dec.
Price: $0.028 per token (120,000,000 FNX)

Round 2: 05 Dec. - 19 Dec.
Price: $0.036 per token (110,000,000 FNX)

Round 3: 20 Dec - 31 Dec.
Price: $0.047 per token (90,000,000 FNX)


55% Allocated to ICO
20% Allocated to Dev Team
15% Allocated to Future Operation
5% Allocated to Advisors
5% Allocated to Bounty



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