E=mc2 with WerdnaSound

E=mc2 with WerdnaSound by Juxta

Another early collaboration with really bad vocal mixing!!

Fun to revisit these early ones though.

Thanks go to https://soundcloud.com/andy-bushell for providing the instrumental.

I journey through the ether
I see you in the distance
our paths destined to entwine
no coincidence

every attraction has a purpose
every melding has a goal

the forces may be weaker
but that is all it takes
my path is being altered
by your soporific state

and now I see you clearly
your beauty evident
your majesty and power
as gravity is bent

energy, mass, light, squared (repeat)

Invisible tendrills carress me
slowly draw me in
I feel powerless and elated
already my body’s in a spin

you hang there seemingly lifeless
but I know there’s hidden power
a sleeping gentle giant
majestic lotus flower

velocity increases
and soon I will be yours
an exquisite union
as I sink in to your pores

and now I can taste you
intoxicated and hypnotised
inertia and heat are my partners
as you take me inside

energy, mass, light, squared (repeat)


More about Juxta:

Genre agnostic singer/songwriter from the UK with influences including: Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Motorhead, Bjork & The Buzzcocks.

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