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Recalling an event that occurred in 2014, Facebook unwittingly gave Cambridge Analytica (CA) data from 87 million users when they allowed dead applications, "This Is Your Digital Life", to gather data on its users and friends. . This gives CA the tools needed to make cultural and political weapons. When Facebook realized their mistakes, little was done to retrieve data or to notify the public about the violation. The data is used in subsequent political campaigns to "Change Audience Behavior".

After this incident, individuals became increasingly worried about their personal data. Mentioned above, GDPR is needed to protect the rights of people in the EU by ensuring their data is not obtained and used improperly.
Recently there was a news from Facebook Newsroom entitled "Introducing Study from Facebook" which was published on June 11, 2019. Facebook launched a new application that pays users, the application is called Study From Facebook where this application can be downloaded in the playstore with a work system like a data collection for each user by filling out a survey.

However, the application was not launched by Apple so the IOS was not available for the application, because Apple did not want to repeat events like in previous years and this application was assessed as the previous application that was deleted by Apple because it was included in the data collection and seemed like still deviates from GDPR.

Actually such applications have been created and are now being developed by the Platfrom Opiria and PDATA Token companies starting from 2015 until now, where this application is considered better and is a very safe application and mutual benefit for its users.

Applications launched by Platfrom Opiria will follow the GDPR Act and be equipped with Blockchain technology, so that all incoming data will be safer and transparent transactions can be accessed by each user and the application will obviously benefit users to get rewards in the form of PDATA Tokens. later it can be sold and bought on Cryptocurrency exchanges.

How Does the Platfrom Opiria and PDATA Token Work?

Opiria will be a decentralized market for personal data that compensates consumers because it gives companies direct access to their thoughts and preferences through surveys and cellular diaries by:

  1. To get started, users will download the application on their mobile device.
  2. Create a personalized profile through an initial survey that asks for data such as gender, age, geography, and ethnicity. Consumers can also choose to add additional information such as interests, education, finance, and health.
  3. PDATA Tokens are given for initial settings depending on the level of information provided.
  4. After user information is collected, the company can access the consumer profile database through the Opiria web application. This platform allows companies to choose anonymous survey takers based on their target profiles and to collect real-time data that can be monitored from time to time.
  5. All payments to consumers are made on the blockchain in the PDATA token after the smart contract has been executed. Companies send payments, Opiria charges a transaction fee of 3-5%, and the rest is given to users.

There are three ways from which companies can obtain personal data in return for PDATA tokens:* Requests for direct access to consumer profiles,

  • Asks consumers to reveal additional details in their profile,
  • Demand for consumers to participate in market surveys. The amount of compensation varies based on the length and breadth of the survey.

There are two variants of the survey available:

  • Cellular survey: Specific questions that are only answered once.
  • Cellular diaries: Specific questions that are answered more than once, over a period of time, track the real-time experience of consumers.

Thus, the application launched by the Platfrom Opiria and PDTA Token will be an application that has a very good way of working in terms of usability, benefits, data security and becomes an intermediary in protecting and distributing data accessed by companies.

If you want to know more about the Platfom Opiria and PDATA Token, please visit the site below:

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