Project Analysis MOAC (Ink)

The MOAC, known as the mother of the chain, has a far-reaching target ETH, but the price has reached this position. What happened?

The monthly line, the weekly line, and the daily line are not good, and the new low is constantly being made. Is the well big just bragging?
Let's study the MOAC white paper and find the answer.

We learned from the white paper that the MOAC project aims to provide a scalable and flexible blockchain.

Support for digital asset trading, data access and process control through a layered structure.

It creates a framework to allow users to execute smart contracts in an efficient manner, and it also provides an architecture for development.

The underlying infrastructure is used to quickly and easily generate sub-blockchains. It is a blockchain platform,

Can provide the necessary components for the erection of sub-blockchains, while testing for new ideas, deployment of private chains,

Solutions for the processing of complex tasks and the application of smart contracts.

We understand that MOAC also adopts a POW consensus mechanism similar to Ethereum, in addition to only key transactions and

Control process transactions are handled in the POW layer, and the top layer uses POS and fragmentation technologies to provide faster and higher throughput solutions.

Each POW node has a Smart Contract Server (SCS) node, and the SCS identity is determined by

The corresponding POW node is fully verified. Each SCS node will be able to handle top-level user requests. SCS handles calls to smart contracts. All transactions at the top level are in the form of smart contract calls, and not all SCSs will handle a single transaction at the same time. Instead, a partially selected SCS will handle a particular transaction.

We found that MOAC has an advantage as a public chain 2.0, not only has its TPS processing speed reached 1000 (there is still a lot of space in the future).

And its SCS model is also very innovative. For the smart contract of the sub-chain, the node is found, which is profitable for the sub-chain owner.

Since the main online line, there have been no major mistakes, and experts in all fields are also very optimistic about its performance. So why is the price always falling?

There are three main reasons:

  1. According to the TOKEN distribution on the white paper, there are 250 million ICOs. The main online line, the first year of mining, there are 6 million excavated.

Therefore, from the perspective of supply and demand, the pressure on the supply side is very high, which explains why the price of the main online line is mad.

  1. There are too few DAPPs.

Although MOAC claims to support its 10,000 DAPPS, and its TPS processing speed is much faster than Ethereum, due to the Matthew effect,

Many project parties do not know MOAC, which has a lot to do with the MOAC community not operating well. So the demand side did not come up.

Of course, according to the latest news, VGAME began to abandon the Ethereum main chain.

  1. There is no good publicity DAPP for the time being.

Ethereum is popular because of ICO, and because some of its ERC20 have good application scenarios, such as MANA, EOS, etc.

Although MOAC currently has more than a dozen DAPP applications, their success can be related to the success of the main chain MOAC.

  1. The advantages of SCS box are not big at present.

Although the SCS box can bring benefits to users, it can also find many nodes for the project side. It seems to have the best of both worlds, but it also has a lot of drawbacks.

Because the SCS box user gets the TOKEN reward of the sub-chain, not only the conversion cost is high, but also the value of the token is generally small. This is for

SCS users are a chicken rib, the incentive effect is not big.

5.ETH can also support fast processing speed by using fragmentation technology.

The biggest competitors are also evolving, which also puts a lot of pressure on the MOAC team.

Of course, we must look at problems and things with a dialectical perspective. If it is a stable investor, it is recommended to invest.

If it is a radical investor, ALLIN can have a higher risk of future MOAC.

Hope can be successful, after all, MOAC is also considered a domestic main chain project.


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