I am on the painkillers, and I said I will not make a squeak online because it would be inadvisable and I was advised to take some rest, but all I see on my mobile phone are the bad news. With all the rest, COVID, earthquakes, basic fuckery, I can't stay in my coffin escaping it all and hallucinate at the imaginary butterflies high as a kite... Changeable winter weather doesn't land it lightly.

Apparently the freedom of speech was slaughtered and now App store threatens some apps to start censoring people or else... I am Apple user, and I think this is shit, Steve is tumbling in his grave.

Where does this put us? And all the other decentralised applications and blockchain technology? Are we going to be banned from the Apple shop as well? What is the alternative??
What about the blockchain, mesh network, matrix...? Can we as well as Gab expect the same treatment??

And it is not all.
Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook... all these huge companies by all means are becoming more and more centralised, idiotic, becoming bigger privacy hazard and more and more censored. I am on all of them, I can see a tragic loss of logic.

Soon, you will no longer be able to say anything or even think different that they require you too. Some of us saw that "principle" in action and I can tell you, it is very bad.

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@aschatria777, What about the Telegramm?))

09.01.2021 08:40

@peshehod, you can also get banned there, so no

10.01.2021 16:09