Revolution or Evolution

Do you know why people go to the war? Because they are either forced by somebody, usually regional freak hungry of the power and fame, or some religious nuts case lurking to enslave some other people who he hates from personal reasons. The thing is that those two war lurking faces, in some time, got to be the faces of the bigger population, and the craze starts. I really sincerely hope that there will be no more wars, I don't watch the news, for this reason, it is a sort of the self-deception, but I did watch it from time to time, and I am not convinced.

As I already mentioned TV and news, let's talk about something else beyond the revolution. Let’s talk about the TV and how it influences our vision of the world. Do we really evolve?

I think that TV is the face of people. I don't think that most of the people are looking for the truth or the way to self-improve, the only thing I truly see in my surroundings is an immense quantity of the cash and gore. That's what people want to see, that they will get, because entertainment is an industry, and an industry has to sell a wanted product. I don't see any of my accountants watching mass on Sunday. If somebody does, it is not a thing to mention.
The cash has become the new religion, and the gore, a normal thing. And then the same person calls into the question my type of the speech and my habits, the same person whose religion is money and who watches gore every day and night on the TV asks me if I allow hearing some swearing and if I had to explain to her some hard facts of the life.
Cash and gore, they are all the cannibals!

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