Plagiarism - Don't touch my garbage

Proving that you are an authentic author of a certain online content is a pain in the ass. Sharing my work is just fine, weather it is a poster or a text, it is even a sort of a flattery. But making money of it is just wrong, unless I confirm free usage. I have posters, logos, website themes and banners on many networks - Smoke, Hive, GolosID, Whaleshares... that are free use, no attribution needed. I don't need a link back for any of them. 

I myself don't attribute free images I share online especially not on non-monetized networks like for example the Twitter, because frankly sometimes it is even hard to find an author, it doesn't make any sense to squeeze the link in the minuscule status or author is not on the Twitter. But, if I find an artist they can be sure I will praise them for their work, because why else I would be sharing their art if not for liking it. Try the ArtStation or DeviantArt and you will see what I mean. I will/did also report anyone who tries to make cash out of another person's work. 

This issue with theft online is borderline insane. People want quick buck and they don't care what they will do to get it. They don't want to 'waste their precious time' by respecting other people written garbage. Because that is what they do. They treat us like garbage. Not mentioning that scammers are also claiming other people's usernames on monetized networks just to be able to copy their work and earn easily. 

By lucky chance I have a username that ( I like more than anything) is repulsive to look at, odd even to pronounce, the wallets under that username are not filled with the mouthwatering assets, nobody knows who the hell I am and nobody wants to signup with my handle because logically a writer with the exotic handle that sounds like a mix of Norwegian pirate and middle east terrorist hardly will allocate the same amount of rewards like for example somebody called Jennifer.

You don't check on Jennifer. Even if Jennifer is scam to the brim. 

So, I usually do not check if somebody copies my articles, because I do not consider my content interesting enough for the scammers. I also have an app that monitors my username occurrences online but I check it rarely because there is not much to see.

The last time I noticed my article being copied was by pure accident. Title of an article I was shaping was left in a browser buffer and I accidentally pasted it into Google search while looking for something else.

Google gave me a link to what appeared to be my article on Publish0x but with another username. I report it and content was removed. But if I did not report it, nobody would even react on it and a scammer would collect a reward for it. Publish0x can do that, but decentralized blogs where you do not have an option of deletion can not do that. 

I just wonder how many of my other articles were monetized by random people who collected a reward without anyone even taking a minimal effort to prevent that? Did you personally even checked if your own garbage end up piling cakes for some random person?

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