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I found a few movies which I can recommend to you to watch, and you might even appreciate it. They are not top notch artistic movies but they will definitely entertain you.

Crawl (2019) - action, horror

I did not watch this one STILL, but it is about the crocodiles, flood and hurricane; well, so enticing. I would definatelly not suggest you to watch with kids. I expect a bloody scenes and similar.

Doom: Annihilation (2019) - science fiction

Ok to watch but not overly great. In any way you can fill up the afternoon with this, plus it has a few gruesome scenes, they look a bit artificial, so not such a threat to kids.

Dark Phoenix (2019) - fantasy

A normal sequel of the X-men, a really good special effects, nothing extra-ordinary to reports. A good movie.

Another Life (2019 ) - science fiction serial

Good serial with ok characters, good special effects ( in fact great), ok plot, stupid reasoning, illogical moves, and sometimes dumb storytelling that really looks retarded at times. I can recommend it to watch till the end because it is fun and no stress. Blood scenes and confusing relations between characters, I would suggest not include kids in this one.

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