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How to create videos from mp3 and a picture?


Recently I started to produce another round of videos for a list of the websites, but as I am way to impatient to make real videos and wait till they render I found a fabulous website that combines an mp3 recording of my voice and any cover image I make. The name of the website is ToVid,and it will save completed video in the YouTube account.

This is great to whoever doesn't want to make actual videos, but likes to talk on YouTube. Also, the transfer is very fast. They accept audio files up to 30 minutes long without losing any audio quality, and their service is absolutely FREE.

You can donate to support them through the PayPal, they announced an API and service connection to other websites.

I have PC cam and I was making some video files, but the fact is that at one point my PC starts to render sound a little off, so the voice is late and it goes at my nerves. I solved this by finding one more website,, but that one can render 3 minutes video recording as-is, and after that time frame it is not able to produce normal video without too much editing which I also dislike.

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