Earning dust: referrals, airdrops, faucets, bounties, discord and telegram bots

Discord servers with crypto faucets and some other things

There is a category of online activities that I constantly avoid talking about. I could even say - well, almost - that the crypto microblogging could go under this category. But... it is not quite the same.

The difference is, maybe not as much in the earnings, as much it is in the fact that with the microblogging you can be creative, imaginative, you can do all kind of nifty stuff while with the ones I listed in the title you can not do anything.


It is not even the investment. It is not income from the stake or HODL for value, or a landing with the interest. It has nothing to do with it. But the fact is that people do this, especially the ones who lack other talents. Some are very successful, because they get into the opportunity early and they acquire a lot of referrals, so they make most from that.

The hardest thing is to differ the legit opportunity from the scam. Because wasting your time while scammer scoops the cream is not into your interest. And there is a lot of scams out there.

Fraud management

You might heard of pages that deal specifically with the user experience of certain earning websites, so you would need to sign up for a few of those, web of trust or something like that.

Legit dust websites rarely have big income, and sometimes with the ingenious frauds you will stuck only a few dollars away from the withdraw minimum or they will exclude you from the program based on the alleged fraudulent behavior.

In many cases many of these website or services will close down before majority of users reach the point when they can withdraw and will post fake earning reports to attract as much traffic as possible.

These people usually do that for advert earnings, campaigns, referrals on other pages they reroute for you, swindling potential clients into acquiring high traffic website, domain selling... you name it. So, it is not just one single thing.


I share referrals from the websites where I usually participate and I do have mountain of the payment proof.

I covered most of those ref codes in my last report about crypto blogging, microbloggiong and video platforms

Weekly Review: Crypto blogging and social websites (December)

I also have an entire sea of links from all the other websites, including blogs, games, gambling, shops, exchanges...

https://www.mannabase.com/?ref=e38b1b2a6b * this one is in maintenance mode


Airdroped tokens and coins go extremely fast and de-value even faster. Well, most of them. I tend to HODL almost anything like a hamster, but the fact is that 99% of tokens airdroped usually loose value rather quickly. Unless they are tied to an actual value, which is rare.

Airdrops.Io - they also have a Telegram and Facebook notification bot.
Airdrop Rating
[Belacam airdrops]9https://www.belacam.com/airdrops)
Airdrop Alert


Now, this is annoyance that you wish to avoid, but if you want it, it is your funeral. It is popular before but now it is too low to be affordable. OK, I have to admit, maybe it is affordable to somebody other than me or everyone is all that more capable finding referrals than me, but I am not really good at this.


Left corner down is a faucet ( it can ask a few times to fill captcha) / https://www.bestchange.com/?p=1GJ4uvizL9yaqMULxRTypi3qFHLU3fYpNn

This is a huge dashboard, it has all kind of things, free coins etc http://ifaucet.net/?ref=329507

Faucet with various cryptocoins https://www.thecryptofaucet.com/?r=34403

Big faucet dashboard http://faucethub.io/r/1416379

Ref https://www.coinimp.com/invite/b3ae340f-35de-4e96-9d41-7f42bd2c6de3

Mintme Ref: https://www.mintme.com/invite/22971c92-1f59-11eb-88b6-ac162db679ce

faucet https://btcpop.co/Faucet/


Telegram/ Discord bots

Bots might be good, but usually they are spammy creeps that disappear without paying you. I am not saying that there are no people who will invest time in them or that they are not paying, I am saying that you need quite a patience for these things.

The good thing is, you can manipulate with them with your phone, both Discord and Telegram have mobile applications.

These give a lil, withdraw limit is rather low. You click links and visit websites, join groups, chats and so on...

LTC Click Bot - https://t.me/Litecoin_click_bot?start=KWoJa
DOGE Click Bot - https://t.me/Dogecoin_click_bot?start=plQm1
BCH Click Bot - https://t.me/BCH_clickbot?start=nTbn6
BTC Click Bot - https://t.me/BitcoinClick_bot?start=xyrSV
ZEC Click Bot - https://t.me/Zcash_click_bot?start=0pn5f

These give more, but you need to acquire referrals

Lucky Tron - https://t.me/Luckytron_bot?start=0368929117
Tronpay - https://t.me/tronpay_bot?start=0368929117

Discord tips and faucet - you have to invite those bots in your Discord server, put them in the channel and then claim the coins from there.

As many are not tech capable or do not have time, I made a server so you can test all these faucets, and much more.

Invite: https://discord.io/Tau-Raghallach

All three discord faucets are inside of Tau server



These three websites are task websites, so you can find some gigs and get paid in crypto, which is kind of great.

Bounties Network

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