Weekly Review: Crypto blogging and social websites

In future I will publish monthly reports of the overall activity. This is going to be the last weekly review of my crypto webs activity. I will keep on a 4 day work week and limited time of a few work hours allocated to crypto blogging and microblogging.

This is a review of the last week of December from 28-31 December.
My activity was split into few categories: microblogging, blogging, media (animation, sound and image), and gaming.

I will try to include all the websites and additional things that I found or participated during the entire week.

In total I spent around 3 hour daily on my crypto related hobbies and I made around 27 USD during those 4 days, plus value of my HODL tokens/coins increased in about 200 USD pure profit ( subject to a change). Total earnings makes about 230 usd for 4 days.

The best earnings blogging webs for that 4 days showed to be LeoFinance ( weekly review) and Appics ( new year's animation).

The only website where I was active during the weekend was Noise as I was following their development to stay in touch with the changes.

My total earnings for the month of December makes 350 USD. I would say that most of my earnings do not belong to the blog writing, but participation in those platforms, the activity which I enjoy, affect my overall earnings.

Thanks to everyone who helped me to get where I am now.


Twitter + Google News + Feedly

I use these to read news, communicate and share links during my morning coffee. Maybe to some it looks like a waste of time, but during that single hour I get to know most of the necessary information. Making lists on Twitter, adding relevant websites and filtering is crucial for fast and effective reading experience.

Watcht for Trakt

This is not an earning app, but mobile interface for movie platform. I enjoy movies and this mobile app is a good source of the recommendations. Whatever movies I watch I can afterwards use to write an insightful review on crypto blogs or short suggestion on the paid microblogs.


This is a VIP network, I don't earn anything here, monetization is in BSV . I am monitoring their development. Invite: https://twet.ch/inv/e4b143a2


It is still the best microblogging platform. I pretty much spend the most of my time in here. iphone app


HIVE blockchain Twitter alternative, I find it very good and looking forward to see a mobile app.


There was a word about installing other crypto but BTC for tips and style changes. I like it because I can post various things, reshare on Twitter and publish premium posts under Tiers.


This is a complete new thing based on the bonus tips ( for now) BCH from Read.Cash. Like with everything free they have a flood of beggars, spammers and scammers tearing the Explore feed. Wallets are external, there is QR tipping and some users can upload images as experimental feature. I will monitor their development, but my prediction is if they drop tips, the platform will basically die.


ETH blockchain website, I don't make anything there but I post information. It requires the Metamask. Tips and tokenized likes are available.
Invite: https://peepeth.com/?PeepethLoves=aschatria


Invite Testing, new thing with token sale, I don't hope for much, I will follow the situation

SUBSCRIPTION: How to earn with dBuzz and Memocash microblogging?

Short insight into the FloteApp - social media website and marketplace



Invite: https://sharebits.io/wls_signup.html?r=aschatria

Nothing much to add. Whaleshares still has the best social features of all crypto webs, but there should be more development. I use it for the personal blogs and I have a divination pod for publishing my entertainment pieces. If I am well enough with the calculations I will be available again for the activity.


Invite PeakD: https://peakd.com/register?ref=aschatria
Hive is the entire ecosystem of applications and I am extremely happy to be part of it.


Leofinance becomming a separate dominion, so I will further on refer to it as a distinctive web same like dBuzz. By the way, I do not have a separate profile for Leo, as I have for dBuzz. The reason is because my HIVE blog is suppose to contain the longer blogs, and dBuzz is about very short statuse, so for teh LeoFinance I do not require a different profile.


Invite: https://www.publish0x.com/?a=K9b68qVeEv
This activity would be far more lucrative, if I put more time to it. The thing with the Publish0x being so low on my blogging list ( and earnings) is the timer on tips when I leave my comments. We need to wait a certain amount of time to bonus another writer ( 24 hours) and to tip another author ( a few minutes) and it doesn't play well with me. I don't only write very long blog posts fast, I also like to comment fast and timer is really something I do not need there.


Didn't make anything and for me that platform is running on the silent mode. I will keep it because I am nostalgic.


I restarted to post as I said, and spire runs fluent. The problem is that website crashed ( maintenance mode) and now I am pending.


Medium is liek a huge stich. They pay to the partner bloggers but the problem is that they pay with a freaking STRIPE, so until my country ( and many others) is added to that list, I can only wait.
During the previous week I found a few website where I could easily pass for a gig, but they were STRIPE or KYC, so I dropped it.


Golos is still out there. There are all kind of new stuff I found, like their services. I don't need to post, there is an option for staking. I do not make much because my tokens are in the fluid form for now.


I managed to post entire 3 post there which is a huge success. I don't usually put so much effort, but it was worth it. LOL
The Twitter campaign I ran for the Smoke posts was much better than the previous week and I accumulated 430 views and 12 interactions ( clicks ) - 3% click-trough rate, which is great for the account of my size. The average by a report for the size of my account is 1.5%, so the statistic says we have some interested people out there. I will press the campaign even further.


(HIVE dapp) - didn't even touch it. I had no time for that.
Invite: https://actifit.io/signup?referrer=aschatria


( poetry, writing, art) - Well, I post on it, but didn't do much of it. The website was bound to Golos.Io and when the main page went silent this art community went into a pending mode. I do not know what they will do about the monetization, but many have stake there.


I create animations with a few image and editing tools, and I also started to create my own music, so I will be posting a complete original works from now on. I also decided to post my own cover images without free attribution images, so that will also be a small change.


I do not use this for monetization, but it has tip feature for Live streamers. I use it to further my animation skills and they have really good effects.

Instagram & Facebook

For the same reason I am using these two website, as they have a lot of interesting filters, effects and so on.


Invite: https://lbry.tv/$/invite/@aschatria:7
I post my covers, Splinterland videos and other interesting things in here, original animaltions as well.


I believe they have a bit high standards, so I need to work lil more to create valid content and post it. With dTube we can post content on 3 websites and earn 3 different coins - DTC, STEEM and HIVE.

Another crossposting community/web that you can use is a TravelFeed ( FREE until March 31, 2021) and they have a lot of integrations.


( photo, video mobile dapp) - is improving for me. The trick is to post an eye catching content. I publish both my photo and animations here.


Similarly like Appics, but this is a visual art community and it is web only, no mobile app. You can easily post other types of work there.

Foap and EyeEm

These are both stock photo sale websites ( mobile apps available) where you can sell your original photography. I chose these two because they are both mobile and rates for content creators are pretty good. Both pay in Paypal.

SUBSCRIPTION: How to make cash on LBRY?



Invite: https://splinterlands.com?ref=aschatria

I didn't play all that much but I collected season rewards and they were ok.



This is a sales place for digital goods. Not only that we can earn selling stuff there, we can also earn by being another sellers affiliate. I am still building my ebook stash, but when I am done I will announce a need for affiliates and provide a handsome percentage.


LF is a task board where you can earn tips for completed tasks and bounties.


This is a wiki of all things Hive. I contributed texts and translations to them during the Steemit era, so I think I could drop a word there for Hive too. They used to reward contributors.


Unverified $40 from two bots. I did not include this in an earning report, as I need to receive this in my wallet to verify it. When I am done with it, then I will publish invite links. Telegram bots are not safe source of tokens, because they do not live long and they are quite an nuisance to deal with.


I use Discord in various ways not just one. When I am working I leave all servers but my own, stuff my head there and do not be bothered by anything or anyone, still you can send me a message same like in Twitter or Telegram.

Open Bazar and Haven ( mobile dapp)

Both are the interface for an open market. Great for selling things or services. Worth trying.


I have been there forever, for a moment I do not have active gigs, but I plan to reactive that.

Influencer platforms and social media accounts

Whatever follower number you have on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, you can contact them with influencer platforms and possibly earn additional income.

Sharing links

This is not the fairest option, but with enough load that could be a few cents here and there more. The problem with the platforms like Shorte.St( Paypal) which gets blocked on some social media the Sharpay.Io (Tokens) which works on token model and it is payed by websites using it, does not get blocked at all. One page that uses monetized link sharing is Golos.Id.
You can share your monetized links on Twitter ( limited), Reddit, Ycombinator or even Refind.
Beside sharing, all of these are great sources of the information.

Drop-shipping shops

Places where I can design Tshirts while platform handles the merch and shipping. Users can design the mugs and other nifty things -Teechip and Zazzle - I wasn't using them much, but I will change that too.

Various (crypto) forums

These may also produce some earnings, either by you posting on them and directly getting points for your activity, or learning about new opportunities or offering your services. I have in total nine of these and I will attempt to be active at least a few times this month in there.

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