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Atomic Wallet - Best Litecoin Wallet

Hello, guys!

Atomic Wallet is a multi-asset management and storage tool for cryptocurrency enthusiast. It is a distributed platform with amazing features that are appealing to its diverse users. These features include a built-in Atomic swap, integrated exchanges like Shapeshift and Changelly for swift transactions. The Atomic wallet team seeks to address the security issues (hacks, theft etc.) regarding cryptocurrency wallets and to help users effectively and efficiently manage their digital assets.

In order to use Atomic Wallet, first you need to download it from the website. Since, it is a desktop wallet you have to download the wallet depending on your desktop operating system. Currently it supports Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora.

Click on Create Wallet and enter a new password then re-enter the same password and click Set Password. The Next screen is your Atomic Wallet User Interface, as shown in the image below.

Important! You need to save your password and your 12 mnemonic words to access your wallet. This is the only way to regain access to your wallet in case you lose your password . No one should say them or read them anywhere. This is a very important point.

After installing the wallet, you need to buy / exchange LTC or make a deposit from any source to your address specified in the wallet.

LTC - BTC atomic-swapping with Atomic Wallet!

What's Atomic Swap?

The Atomic Swaps is a cross-chain exchange feature that makes it possible for users to exchange cryptocurrencies between each other without third-party interference.

Atomic wallet makes use of decentralized Atomic Swap to carry out transactions and proceed with cross-chain exchange which makes the system to avoid the risk involved in third party engagements. Through atomic swaps, users will be able to exchange any cryptocurrency from a particular blockchain with another cryptocurrency from another blockchain without the need of an exchange, or a third-party.

Cross-chain atomic swap takes place on the atomic wallet which means that users will be able to change any asset of their choice which is listed on the atomic wallet for another listed asset without an hassle and get charged for transferring the assets for atomic swap which is more secured than using escrows and decentralized exchanges.

Your keys stored only on your device and only you have control over them.

The main functions of Atomic Swap are:

  • Peer to Peer order, based on blocks
  • Fast and secure data transfer with Atomic Distributed Order Book
  • Atomic Distributed Order Book is protected against spam and fraud
  • The lowest transaction fees
  • The order is a proposition, not an obligation
  • Order placement does not block customer funds
  • The order can be executed with multiple transactions
  • Offline traders can not trade
  • The execution is managed manually
  • The applicant may reject the execution


Atomic Wallet is a unique decentralized platform developed by a great team with an innovative idea to offer users a great perspective for storing, trading and transferring their digital assets efficiently, conveniently and securely using any device. With this wallet cryptocurrency can be easily used in real life by exchanging it for fiat, as well as the ability to exchange in the opposite direction.

Litecoin is the top coin in the cryptocurrency world. Atomic Wallet provides many users with a unique opportunity to Atomic swap or holding LTC in the wallet. It is very convenient to store all your LTC in one place without worrying about their safety and security! That's really cool!


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