Nebula AI - more safe and effective artificial intelligence of the new generation (overview # 2)

Hello dear subscribers, today in my blog I want to talk about the project Nebula AI, I remind you that this is my second review of this review, for those who have not read my first review, I will leave you a link.  

And so I remind you that the project Nebula AI successfully held its ICO and smoothly moved to launch its project, Nebula AI (abbreviated NBAI) is a new generation blockchain which includes an algorithm for thinking of artificial intelligence. Thanks NBAI many private organizations will be able to use the possibilities of artificial intelligence, very soon all industrial buildings will support the technology of smart buildings, where many processes will respond to artificial intelligence, and in hospitals, artificial intelligence will become the first assistant of any doctor, because the AI can quickly and efficiently analyze the patient's diagnosis and provide rapid treatment. In short, what does not affect the scope of human activity everywhere there is the use of this latest technology, and thanks to the project Nebula AI humanity is gradually approaching this beautiful technology. 

Nebula AI works on decentralized blockchain technology, integrated with the artificial intelligence of computer services. NBAI can significantly reduce the cost of electricity consumption, by converting machines GPU compute units AI. Thanks to modern NBAI technologies, any user will be able to access artificial intelligence technologies from anywhere in the world, which significantly reveals its potential, unlike its centralized predecessors. 

The NBAI began its work on the project in the recent past in early 2017, the project began to explore and study hyperledger. Very soon it can act as an alternative Bitcoin and Ethereum payment system. In the 3rd quarter of 2017, the team developed an app Quant-AI DAI. In the 1st – 3rd quarter, Nebula AI began selling NBAI tokens and within the prescribed period the team was able to sell all the tokens, as I said, successfully held an ICO. The fundraising was not long in coming, as many investors understood how profitable the project was. And in the near future will be the launch of their blockchain (Mainet). And a year later, they plan to launch 10 DAI APPs, developing gradually in their plans, is to integrate 500 DAI APPs  by 2020.

In my opinion, Nebula AI is a very strong company that is able to make a real revolution in blockchain technology, creating an excellent decentralized network of artificial intelligence. Our world has been working on the creation of artificial intelligence for a long time and, of course, the NBAI project was able to succeed most of all over the work on the creation of artificial intelligence. 

Project team :  

This project was not without their unique team, which has a lot of experience and unconditional success. The project team shows an excellent result of their work, and their changes in the system help not only to use the blockchain system but also to make significant improvements. The team is selected from real experts who not only allowed to launch the platform but also gave the opportunity to business to develop, not to worry about the safety of information. Also, a very important factor in the successful release of the platform was the introduction of blockchain technologies in contrast to their strong competitors such as Google or Amazon, which allowed to demonstrate better quality compared to competitors and attract the attention of many good inverters and show the result.  

The team works perfectly according to the stated roadmap, which also demonstrates their strong qualities, such as responsibility, discipline, and punctuality. The project was supposed to launch Mainet much later, but as always surprised its investors and will launch its blockchain in the near future.   

Nebula AI uses a new consensus algorithm called Proof of Group (PoG). Miners use their computing power to compute the algorithms AI, and they will receive tokens in NBAI as a reward. Blockchain Nebula AI will be able to significantly reduce the cost of electricity consumption manners (PoW) by converting the GPU to compute AI service.  

During the ICO, THE NBAI token could be purchased with a bonus, it is a pity, but at the moment this function is not available, but we can buy this token on the exchange, and after reviewing this project, I can assume that the project will still very much surprise its investors by guaranteeing them a significant profit. 

Conclusion : 

Summing up, I would like to Express my opinion that Nebula AI is probably the project of the future, and there is an opinion that this project in the coming years can enter the top three popular cryptocurrencies in the world, to analyze, read in detail their white paper, this project deserves at least attention from you.  

Thank you for your attention and leave comments, I'll be glad your apvot))) 

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@arkawa040 We are waiting for the end of ICO. I think the team even at such the market, the software will gather...

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@arkawa040 The team is strong, everyone is open to communication

27.08.2018 05:57

@arkawa040 A good project with excellent marketing

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