Global REIT – the blockchain-a platform for profitable investment in real estate

Many companies have long concluded that real estate is one of the most profitable investments. And now, indeed, there are many options for investment. To the big minus, along with great opportunities, there are many obstacles to the implementation of plans. For example, if you want to buy property abroad, in addition to the money needed to purchase assets, you must have a foreign company among the partners, ready to invest in your business project. Agree that it is quite problematic in the early stages. Therefore, in order to reduce risks and overcome the problems associated with financing and investment, a unique project called Global REIT has appeared as an absolutely new investment tool.

Global REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) is a company engaged in the purchase of real estate through general investments. This is an opportunity to create a global investment portfolio with obvious advantages over traditional real estate markets. Global REIT enables investors to receive monthly dividends from their real estate without the need to purchase the latter, but by transferring management and other obligations set by the Fund. Thus, the main advantage of this project is the ability of any person, even without a large amount, to become an investor in an international and cost-effective business.

The Global REIT platform will have three types of participants:
  • property owners seeking to enter the crypto market;
  • crypto enthusiasts receiving stable dividends (the size of the Deposit does not matter);
  • traditional REITs that want to benefit from the use of blockchain in business. The framework of the new platform will help them to conduct transactions and scatter profits, as well as to launch campaigns to attract Finance in the spirit of crowdfunding and ICO.


Here is a simple example of using the Global REIT service. Imagine you own a floor or several premises in a shopping center that are easy to rent, but difficult to sell. You want to sell it, and as soon as possible. The way out is to apply to Global REIT and notify trusts about your property. Naturally, they will want to invest in it, as real estate in the shopping center is a return on investment, albeit in the long run, with a high ROI (profitability ratio).
In addition to all the above, Global REIT will facilitate the purchase of a foreign real estate, as the blockchain does not limit the state borders. Otherwise, you would have to get a resident partner, go through complex legal procedures and, of course, pull a tidy sum. And then stay constrained in the rights to such an asset.

This project did not exist, without their strong team which has a huge experience. The most important success factor is the project team, which has repeatedly created successful projects. The team is made up of real highly classified professionals who have not just launched the platform, but have given the business a chance to improve, and are not afraid for the safety of information. So, the main factor of a successful exit of the platform was the introduction of blockchain technology that allowed us to find a good inverter and fix the result. The project team shows an excellent level of work, and their knowledge helps not just to use the blockchain system, but also to make significant improvements. The team works strictly according to the roadmap, which also demonstrates their strong qualities such as responsibility, discipline, and punctuality.


Details ICO:

  • Symbol of the GRET token
  • Type of ERC20 token
  • Ethereum Platform
  • Soft cap USD 5,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap 20,000
  • Cost of the token on Pre ICO 0.70 USD
  • Price of ICO token 1 USD 1 USD
  • Accepted funds ETH, BTC, USD

  • Conclusion:

Even now, it is pointless to deny that the future of the blockchain is inevitable. This technology every day more and more integrated into our lives. And along with the solution of everyday problems, blockchain will play a significant role in such areas as international trade, urban infrastructure and, of course, real estate trade. It is convenient, it is safe, it is profitable. And now you can invest in the Global REIT business, which will bring you income. That's probably all there is.

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 This publication is informational in nature. The article should not be seen as an investment recommendation or advice. Readers of this review article must make decisions based on their own judgments, taking into account financial circumstances, investment objectives and the risk limit before investing funds.  

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This project has good prospects! And great review!

29.06.2018 19:47

a promising interesting project and a useful product. there is a development potential. Thanks for the review, I'll take a closer look at the project.

30.06.2018 10:05