DataBlockchain is a revolutionary data platform

In today's world, more and more processes are happening computerized. And more and more often people began to exchange information through the Internet. Undoubtedly, the Internet has accelerated a lot of processes hundreds of times. But in all business, there is an error, and this case not an exception. Have you noticed that after you type in the search engine your question or the product you are interested in, the system remembers what you need and after some time begins to offer you those products that you previously requested? This suggests that large corporations retain the history of your data, and then offer you a particular product that you have repeatedly been interested in. The Datablockchain company has some kind of solution to this problem.  

Datablockchain is a real revolutionary platform in the field of data. Datablockchain is designed to help both large companies and small businesses because the key factor in any business is the information that at any time can be purchased by absolutely any user. This platform will democratize data, and allow you to acquire data at less expensive prices and make them more accessible than the currently existing services. As a result, buyers will have access only to the information that interests them in a simple and transparent way, without spending extra money on information that does not interest them.  

Corporations that collect information about users, then sell it for a good amount, and basically, only 10 percent of this information is needed by the buyer, the buyer buys 90 percent of the unnecessary information. The company Datablockchain will sell its customers only the information they need, which will significantly reduce the price of the demand for the goods.  

The most important thing in any business is finding new customers and retaining old customers, and for effective work, you need to have important data that will help to advertise you to your customers. But such data can be used only by large corporations, which makes them monopolists in the field of trade, as long as you wonder what product will be the running, they will know for sure that you need. Today, the data industry is very complex and incomprehensible, most business companies are just confusing. The existing information marketing ecosystem, with data owners, lists, managers and intermediaries, is unproductive and often inefficient, costing businesses money and time.  

Anyone can buy information for a much lower cost, which opens up great horizons for small and medium-sized businesses. The company will also provide participants with a reliable interface between users and data storage, in which most business companies will easily find the product that interests them, and nothing more. The server system will provide full confidence in the quality of data for the end user, as well as the completeness of transactions for data providers.  

The collection of information about our preferences for a particular product will occur in any case, but Datablockchain wants to expand the number of business companies that will be able to use this data, thus they will be able to expand and create competition for large companies. And thanks to this competition, companies will be able to sell us a product at lower prices, which is a huge plus for the consumer. At the moment, the company Datablockchain is a very popular project, and those who hear about this project in the first advise to get acquainted with it better, the popularity of this project will not take long.  


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@arkawa040 Great idea for developers! I support, I think it is worth taking a closer look to participate in the ICO. Plus, good prospects for the development of the project, especially on such a green wave of the market

17.10.2018 10:26

@arkawa040 I hear about this project not the first time, it is worth studying white paper

17.10.2018 11:12

@arkawa040 The author as always at the height!! I think the project will shoot too!

17.10.2018 18:01

@arkawa040 You know how to make good articles, signed up!

17.10.2018 19:40

@arkawa040, Поздравляю!
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18.10.2018 06:38

@arkawa040 Recently, about this project comes out a lot of news

19.10.2018 11:31

@arkawa040 And when is the end of ICO ?? do I still have time to buy their tokens?

24.10.2018 00:48

@arkawa040 one of the top ICO of this year

24.10.2018 18:30