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OpenCart Owners uses Plugin to Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin has increasingly been accepted as a legitimate and “normal” currency, with the exception of banks, financial intermediaries and institutional investors who are not interested in a fair and effective system. So, if you have an OpenCart online store and you want to increase the number of your customers and make more money, you need to read this article before becoming paranoid while watching TV.

If in your store you have some products that exceed $80, you have to find a plugin with a fixed commission by transaction, to avoid overpaying large orders. If you have only products that not exceed $50 on your store, the 1% commission is on the contrary a better choice. In the following chapter, you will find the details of one of these plugins, Apirone.

Benefits of Using the Apirone Bitcoin OpenCart Plugin

  • No kind of business (porn industry for example) or countries restrictions. No matter who your clients are, or where they come from, merchant will receive their money.
  • No registration needed and no obligation to complete a KYC/AML. It’s really helpful. But, once again, they can do that because they don’t convert bitcoin into fiat money. It will be interesting to see in the future if they can keep their promise with their own wallet.
  • It’s a white label processing. In this way, all the purchase order process takes place on your own website. No redirect, no iframes, no redirections to strange pages, no branding invoices…. your client remains focused until the conclusion of the transaction. 100% seamless payment on one page.
  • Fixed commissions. It’s one of the most interesting things. 0.0002 BTC per transaction, regardless of the amount of order. So if you are a car dealer or a real estate agent who wants to accept bitcoins, download this plugin now!
  • There is no maximum number of transactions, amount or queries requests.
  • In addition, for those you want be completely anonymous during the purchase, they offer you a redirect to the TOR network.
  • Finally, they don’t hold your money so they can’t hold your bitcoin.

To start accepting bitcoin with this plugin, please take a look here:

Official Marketplace:

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Apirone Bitcoin plugin in the TOP-5 of #OpenCart marketplace for downloads and installations.

Overtook the large businesses like: (V2), #Blockonomics, #SpicePay, and #TheBigCoin.
The closest competitors are two monsters: #BitPay and #CoinPayments.
And in the first place is #CoinGate.

Thanks for your trust!

23.02.2019 23:03