Billion Match - jackpot cryptocurrency in Powerball, win 2 BTC and 100 ETH

Everyone certainly knows this game, because indeed this is a very fun game and not a new game for those of us who are already playing gambling, maybe we all know more about Powerball games. You can see a huge jackpot and everyone has a chance to win it. Match Billion comes with an extraordinary update. designed more easily and uses better technology. Match Billion presents Powerball games more fun with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. the use of blockchain technology certainly makes the Match Billion Powerball game more transparent. It must be remembered that only MDL hodlers token can participate in the game, those who do not have MDL tokens cannot play.

Interner users from achievements around the world can use one of the options with ownership of the bitcoin balance to work on a scheme with the opportunity to win drawing lottery tickets to move to New York City with a reward prize as a decision to play with the MATCHBILLION platform from developers from European countries.

Sometimes they might draw numbers as possible from the user's favorite choices but the distance to the ticket booking booth may be in a different area because internet users can collect benefits with offers from the MATCH BILLION developer to order tickets to work on the scheme by playing entertainment lottery.

How do I get the MDL Token?
Because only members who have MDL tokens can play in Match Billion, members who do not have an MDL token can buy it directly on the Match Billion website. Based on information from the group admin, MDL tokens are now available on their website. but for the future he said we can get MDL tokens on the cryptocurrency market.

How to play
You need 2 MBL tokens per playback or per line.
Choose the line you want (the more lines, the more MBL tokens you have to pay).

Then select the 5 numbers you want, you can choose from numbers 1 to 69.

Select your number on the screen or let the website randomly choose your number. You get your blockchain ticket proof

You can see your chosen number in review and can also add Power Play to double the number of bets we can get outside of the jackpot.


When I saw the roadmap from Match Billion , I was a little surprised because they kept giving me big jackpot bonuses for members who wanted to join. The jackpot is given and all participants and players can get various events. what is interesting is the provision of jackpots not only for BTC or ETH, but they also provide jackpots in the form of MDL tokens.

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