Review of the TuurnT project

Dear readers! I am glad to welcome you in the blog again! Today I want to talk to you about very interesting and perspective project which ICO passes at the moment and shows very good collecting. Today it will be a question of such project as TuurnT.

First of all it would be desirable to begin the review with introduction to the idea of the Tuurnt project.
TuurnT. The TuurnT platform sets before itself the purpose of unity of owners of communities and parties, thereby providing access to the venue of parties, passing services of various intermediaries. All payment at the same time is carried out by means of TuurnT cryptocurrency. The token of TuurnT has TRT symbol. TRT will expand possibilities of an ecosystem of TuurnT due to stimulation of creation and participation in actions. It will be reached by monthly granting tokens to users.
Summing up the small result of the aforesaid, there is a wish to tell that the idea of the TuurnT project at first sight looks very interesting and perspective. The idea though can seem simple, but at the same time the idea of the project is unique, there are no similar projects anywhere in the world. It gives to the TuurnT project huge advantage and the global recognition.
ICO TuurnT. Very important question for most of potential investors is the ICO project and terms of his carrying out. At the time of writing of article there passes Pre Sale TuurnT which comes to an end already soon. Therefore I advise all to hurry with decision-making concerning investments into the TuurnT project. To start investment into the TuurnT project, it is necessary to press the Buy Tokens button then you will open a registration form.

In the form of registration it is necessary to specify all necessary data then access to Dashboard where you will be able already to perform all necessary operations on investment into the TuurnT project will be provided to you. But before you will need to undergo confirmation of the personality. To make it not so difficult, all operation makes only several minutes then you will be able already to get tokens. The cost of tokens is 9500.8 TRT/ETH.

TRT token. The total of the created tokens makes 500 million TRT. From total of tokens of 34% it is allocated for a sale, 20% are allocated for team/advisors/legal, 13% of partnerships, 33% of development, marketing, operational expenses, users rewards. Everything, after Pre Sale 4 phases of a sale are planned. Hard Cap of the project makes 10 million dollars.

Road Map. Road map of the TuurnT project not the most volume, but very informative and exact. It is possible to determine by her prospects of the project and also what the TuurnT project sees the development for the next years. On the feelings I can tell that the potential of development of the project very good and the road map of the project will undoubtedly extend. I am sure that at the TuurnT project ahead there are a lot of opportunities for successful development.

Team. There is a separate wish to allocate team of the TuurnT project, namely professionalism of this team. All team of the project is brought together from the true professionals of the business capable to make a world famous and recognizable brand of the TuurnT project. The team of the TuurnT project includes several dozens of people, each of which differs in extensive experience and professionalism in that sphere in which it is engaged. Separately it is difficult to allocate someone, each of members of the team is worthy that spoke about him long. I will only advise you to get acquainted independently with each of members of the team separately, having visited their profiles on social network LinkedIn.

Advisors. Separately it is worth mentioning also advisers of the TuurnT project, each of which is the successful and world famous person who was in time to work not over one project. Also I recommend to you to get acquainted with each of members of the team of advisers of the TuurnT project independently.

Result. Summing up the result of the article, I want to tell that the idea of the Opiria project very much was pleasant to me, I see in her the huge prospects and opportunities for development. Developers of the project have created an ingenious product which is supported by the world famous companies. It is undoubtedly very perspective. I don’t doubt a token of TRT and I will invest definitely in him. I advise to arrive as well to you! My assessment to the project — 4.8/5.0.

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Интересный проект, спасибо за обзор, голосую. Подписался на вас, рассчитываю на взаимность!

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