When you can not sleep – “Night Marathon Fest”

Looking for something new among the announcements of various runs in Ukraine, I came across a Night Marathon Fest, whose location is in the glorious city Vyshgorod. For the first time, I learned about the so-called "night" marathons in 2017, but I had no opportunity to try any of them. This time I was interested, because, in comparison with traditional races, it was something new and unusual.

Without thinking, I quickly registered, in passing and bought a running t-shirt. On Saturday night I
collected my backpack and went to the station, from where I could to go to Vyshgorod on a pretty yellow bus, which drove only for the participants, to help them to get to the place of the run. I got my "2125" number and went to change clothes. There was a lot time to capture the beauty of that place and make some photos. For me, the run is a great opportunity to make new interesting acquaintances among runners. While wandering along the quay, I met the runner Alexander Rekol. I did not even notice how time passed, so interesting was this person.
Night Marathon Fest is a place where you can meet new and well-known runners, watch a musical show, make unforgettable photos, taste the most delicious burgers, enjoy the best craft beer and meet the dawn on the Kiev Sea.

The race took place near the Kiev reservoir. On the quay there was organized a starting place, where you could register, get start numbers and leave your stuff in storage cells. There also was the scene near by. It's a pity that we were not very lucky with the weather.

We started exactly at midnight. The route for the half marathon consisted of 5 laps, each of which had 4200 m, so for the marathon you had to run 10 such circles. Everybody started at once: both the participants of the relay race, the marathon, and the half marathon. The road itself was plain, only one strained me – turns.
Despite the fact that I do not like running the circles, it was something unusual and interesting: I could see all the disadvantages of my training. I tried to keep the usual rhythm for me, that’s all. I never followed any special programs. Overdriving the girl in the red leggings, I drew attention to the fact that the rhythm of her steps depended on the pulse rate, she constantly looked at her pulsometer. When the last loop passed, I almost did not have the strength, but that girl easily accelerate. She and her red leggings will remain in my memory for a long time, my attempts to catch her were useless. Now I have to go to the store and buy a pulsometer to learn how to run according to the pulse. A beautiful girl showed me clearly how good the results could be.
When I finished, I got my medal. Took my backpack and went to enjoy the finish of other runners. I met a new friend and we decided to rest from the running, speaking about the race, until it was time to go home.
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