Korona Maratonow Wyszehradu

The “Visegrad Four” was established in 1991 in the Hungarian city of Visegrad by four Central European countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia.
The organizer and founder of the Korona cross-country run is the Travel2Run.

The organizer and founder of the Korona cross-country run is the Travel2Run.

Maratonow Wyszehradu (or briefly KMW)

The “Korona Maratonow Wyszehradu” running series includes 10 marathons, held in 4 countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia).

The series includes the following marathons:
Orlen Warsaw Marathon — Warsaw (Poland);
Bratislava Marathon — Bratislava (Slovakia);
Prague Marathon — Prague (Czech Republic);
Marathon Solidarności — Trimisto (Poland);
Marathon Banska Bystrica — Banská Bystrica (Slovakia);
Nagyerdei Trail Marathon — Debrecen (Hungary);
RunFest Ostrava — Ostrava (Czech Republic);
Silesia Marathon — Katowice (Poland);
Kosice Peace Marathon — Kosice (Slovakia);
Budapest Marathon — Budapest (Hungary).

To run the “KMW” series, you need to run 6 marathons from the list, over a period of 3 years, provided that at least 1 marathon has to be completed in each country (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary). The time between the first and last completed marathons may not exceed 36 months, and the order of running marathons is optional.

To complete the KMW cross-country run, you must:
to fill in the form on the website: www.travel2run.pl at this link;
send a list of marathons you plan to run to wojtek@travel2run.pl;
pay a fee of 95 PLN.

Applications are reviewed twice a year, ie June 30 and December 31.
All participants in the KMW series receive medals, a diploma, and a commemorative T-shirt. The package is put on the address specified in the application.

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