Interesting half marathons of Egypt

What associations do you have when you hear about Egypt? Probably this: summer all year long, the incredible beauty of reefs, beaches, camels and ancient pyramids.

But as I am a fan of running, I was curious enough that Egypt could offer me in this regard. So one evening I decided to search the Internet for interesting half marathons taking place in Egypt. Although the list was quite small, the half marathons that entered it were quite interesting especially in terms of locations where half marathons are held.

Pyramids Half Marathon


Venue: Cairo

Date: February

Distances: 21, 10 and 6 kilometers

Route limit: 3 hours

Starting fee: $ 20

Organizer: TriFactory


About the event


"Pyramids Half Marathon" is organized by Egyptian sports by the TriFactory Association in 2016. Runners from all over the world are invited by the organizers to take part in this half marathon, to run along the famous Giza Plateau and to admire the beauty of the ancient pyramids. The organization of the half marathon "Pyramids Half Marathon" meets the high international standards and rules set by the International Association of Athletics Federations.


The marathon route runs through the Giza Plateau, where one of the only Wonders of the World is preserved - the Great Pyramids of Giza. The Great Sphinx lies majestically at the pyramids, watching the participants of the half marathon.

The "Pyramids Half Marathon" offers participants 6 km, 10 km, and 21 km. Participants are allocated 3 hours to complete the half marathon. Anyone who loves running and is fond of ancient Egyptian history can take part. The minimum age of participants is 8 years for a 6 km highway, 12 years for a 10 km highway. and 18 years for the 21 km highway.

Somabay Half Marathon


Venue: Hurghada

Date: September

Distances: 21, 10 and 2 kilometers

Route limit: 3 hours

Starting fee: -

Organizer: Cairo Runners

Website: -

About the event


The Hurghada Somabay Half Marathon Half Marathon is run by Cairo Rune, an organization that runs the streets of Cairo and instills in people a love of running and a healthy lifestyle. Half marathon offers participants have three types of 2 km, 10 km, and 21 km routes. The route runs along with the picturesque landscapes of the Red Sea. The organizers of the half marathon also offer excellent conditions for active holidays with family and friends, as well as interesting sports activities for runners.

Sharm El Sheikh Half Marathon


Venue: Sharm el Sheikh

Date: November

Distances: 21 kilometers

Route limit: 3 hours

Starting fee: -

Organizer: -


About the event


Unique half marathon race in stunning surroundings, half marathon route runs through Ras Mohammed National Park

El Gouna Half Marathon


Venue: El Gouna;

Date: October

Distances: 21, 10, 5 kilometers

Route limit: 3 hours

Starting fee: -

Organizer: -


About the event


The "El Gouna Half Marathon" will run runners on the beautiful scenic roads of El Gouna. The 21 km long trail begins near the GSpace Complex, passes through the city center, past green golf courses, a city airport, and a sports stadium, then rounds off the harbor and finishes in Abu Tig Marina. Almost all of the "El Gouna Half Marathon" runs through flat terrain with small ascents and several bridges crossing the route. The marathon also offers 5 and 10 km runs for trial and family runs.

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