In Search of the Secretary-General - "Nyvky Winter Cross"

Not only an interesting road race but also a trail, I wanted to start a new running season. If everything was clear with the road race at the beginning of the year and became "Friends' Run", then the decision to choose a trail decided to stop on the "Nyvky Winter Cross" trail.


The "Nyvky Winter Cross" trail was first and foremost intrigued by the fact that its organizers were the organizers of last year's trail "Salomon Winter Cross" plus, the choice of the “Nyvky Winter Cross” trail was also the fact that it was a Kyiv start and there was no need to go anywhere very far.



Registration for the “Nyvky Winter Cross” trail took place at Participants were offered two distances: 9 and 3 kilometers. He chose a basic distance of 9 kilometers for himself. The 9-kilometer route consisted of three circles, 3 kilometers each.


For the new trail “Nyvky Winter Cross” the organizers have chosen a rather interesting location with a good landscape - Kyiv park “Nyvky”. The start of the main distance of the trail "Nyvky Winter Cross" was scheduled for 11 o'clock, so the morning of Sunday I started with a trip to “Nyvky“ park for another running holiday. Arriving at the start place, which was already crowded enough, so he immediately decided to change clothes, but it did not work out without curiosity, because in the morning collecting running things, I forgot to bring some of them with me, so I had to run partly not in running gear.


Getting acquainted with the route of the trail "Nyvky Winter Cross" started quite interesting immediately with a slight climb up. Basically, the "Nyvky Winter Cross" trail traveled through the "Nyvky" park and partially across the country. The most interesting section of the trail, as for me, was the final segment of each circle, as it consisted of a small ascent followed by a downhill and then the participants waited, so to speak, about 200 meters finish line at which a new circle began.


The first 2 miles of the "Nyvky Winter Cross" trail was slow for me, taking as little as 17 minutes. At the end of the first lap, I was overtaken by Vladimir Kovbasyuk who added a little motivation, so the next 3 miles had to make up for lost. My first "Nyvky Winter Cross" trailer for me ended 50 minutes after it started and gave me pretty good emotions. At the end of the trail, the participants were always waiting for the delicious flavors that the organizers had prepared for them.



The "Nyvky Winter Cross" trail, like its "Salomon Winter Cross" predecessor last year, got a pretty good organization, an interesting route that incorporated all the rather interesting locations of "Nyvky" Park.


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