Half marathon in the first capital - "Kharkiv Half Marathon"

"Kharkiv Half Marathon" launches 21 km of Ukrainian racing since the end of March. In addition, this year there were changes in the route - now the old route should take place in the Kharkiv Night Half Marathon in the summer. Therefore, the organizers this year presented a good enough opportunity to evaluate the new route, and then in the summer to run the old route in a new format. Of course, it was impossible to miss such an interesting opportunity, so the Kharkiv Half Marathon definitely had to run in 2019.


Registration for the Kharkiv Half Marathon was held at sportevent.com.ua. Where to choose from two distances 21 km. or 5 km. The route of the Kharkiv Half Marathon took place in two circles of 10.5 km, each with 3 points of degradation. The starter packs could be picked up either the day before the half marathon or directly on the day of the start. One detail was interesting: in order to participate in the half marathon, one had to provide a medical certificate or insurance (I do not like this feature of Ukrainian half marathons).


I left Kiev in the direction of Kharkiv the day before the half marathon started. I arrived in Kharkov in the morning, since the time was short, so I quickly went to my starting number, which began at 8 am and lasted for an hour and a half.

The Kharkiv Half Marathon started at 10 am and was common to both distances (21 km and 5 km).

If Gdynia met me with gloomy weather and rain, then Kharkiv chose the opposite side: the weather was clear, though it seemed that it was still cold. After getting my starting number and a little laughing, I started to wait for the start of the half marathon.


Before the start of the Kharkiv Half Marathon, the organizers held a small warm-up, and at 10 we started. My strategy at the Kharkiv Half Marathon was to try to run again with the pacemaker, as it was during the Gdynia Half Marathon. I chose the time 1 hour 50 minutes. His pace was trying to keep the race going, but starting at about 14km, he started to give up a bit. Truth be told, except that the full route is 2 laps, I knew little about the half marathon route.

As a rule, he was quite exhausting because of the many descents and ascents. On the one hand, it was a little annoying while running, and on the other, it gave good and wonderful impressions. And you worked hard to finish the Kharkiv Half Marathon, it just won't work. In addition, there was good support for the residents and visitors of the city at the half marathon, both for Ukrainian races. The weather was perfect for running, even though it was cool at first.


We finished at the start. There, participants could regain their strength with different flavors after the finish. A special feature of the Kharkiv Half Marathon - each participant was able to cross the finish line as well as the winner of the race.

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