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Changes to the rules for obtaining the "Crown of Polish Half Marathons"

The "Crown of Polish Half Marathons" is a project created in 2013 by the Polish Gear Association. The initiative aimed to honor actively starting competitors who set themselves further challenges, in this case completing at least five half marathons. In the first year of operation, the formula brought together 81 Crown winners, but in the following season, 436 runners received the award. In 2018, those who completed the required number of 5 runs over a distance of 21km and 97.5m were as many as 3247!

This season, one of the older events held at this distance - the "Wiazowski Half-Marathon" - has joined the honorable list of 11 "crowned" half marathons. The ""Slovak" Grodziski Half Marathon" also returned.

The crown of Polish Half Marathons in 2020 consists of:

– 40. Półmaraton Wiązowski (23.02)

– 13. PANAS Półmaraton Ślężański (21.03)

– Bieg Masowy w ramach Mistrzostw Świata w Półmaratonie, Gdynia 2020 (29.03)

– 13. PKO Poznań Półmaraton (05.04)

– 8. PKO Białystok Półmaraton (10.05)

– 15. Półmaraton Warszawski (23.05)

– 14. HUNTERS Grodziski Półmaraton Słowaka (14.06)

– 8. PKO Nocny Wrocław Półmaraton (20.06)

– 30. Międzynarodowy Półmaraton Signify, Piła (06.09)

– 43. Bieg Lechitów, Gniezno (20.09)

– 7. Cracovia Półmaraton Królewski (18.10)

According to the original regulations, each runner fighting for the Crown was obliged to complete at least one half marathon from a given basket. The opportunity to win the Golden Crown awarded for completing 10 runs (excluding Wiązowna) also returned.

Due to the extraordinary epidemiological situation and the need to cancel mass events, the race organizers had to cancel all events from mid-March. In most cases, the organization of events was moved to the second part of the season. All running events were canceled in the second half of March. Unfortunately, the uncertain situation and the lack of any premises to determine the end date of the national quarantine contributed to the decision to cancel most of the runs also held in April. This resulted in automatic changes in the calendar of the Polish Half Marathon Crown. The successfully started season by the Wiazowski Half Marathon with an excellent attendance record of 3,600 runners has been interrupted and it is already known that the next three half marathons included in the Crown will be held at later dates.

Therefore, the Management Board of the Polish Association of Runs as the organizer of the Crown of Polish Half Marathons made changes to the regulations of KPP 2020:

The so-called "Baskets" divided into 3 groups of half marathons. So you no longer have to pass at least 1 half marathon from each group to get the crown. The possibility of getting the "Golden Crown" is suspended. People who applied and made a payment for the gold crown will be transferred to the list with the possibility of obtaining such a crown in 2021.

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