IEO Soraix Review

Soraix's mission is to radically transform and change traditional stock exchanges. For this, blockchain technology will be used to mark asset exchanges. The company hopes that after widespread use there will be an improvement in the stability and functionality of the industry. As you know, innovation has a beneficial effect on the development of any industry. Soraix, a Swiss company, is universal, safe, and offers unique, unprecedented, and effective solutions on its platform.

Online crowdfunding is a new fundraising channel for startups and new projects. It features low entry restrictions, low fees, high speed, and thus encourages innovation. In recent years, mass financing of shares has undergone several changes, but some problems still remain unresolved in practice. Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed accounting technology that provides protection, transparency and data integrity, as it cannot be tampered with or tampered with. It is believed that this technology has exceptionally good capabilities in the financial industry.

How Soraix Works

Soraix is ​​a company registered in Switzerland. As you know, Switzerland leads the world in terms of security and regulation in all matters related to finance and crypto assets. Who else but Switzerland will provide you with the highest degree of protection. Soraix offers a one-of-a-kind, one-of-a-kind income opportunity. The company offers its users to purchase tokens issued on the platform with a 1: 1 binding. To ensure balance, the number of tokens on shares available for trading according to the 1: 1 standard will be limited. How does this happen. For example, if a user has SRX tokens and their value, for example, is $ 1 per one token and he wants to purchase 10 tokens of shares traded on the platform, say $ 20 per share, then he will only need 10 SRX tokens to continue trading. That is, for $ 10 you are trading an asset for $ 200.

Low pay is another great feature of Soraix. Cryptocurrency exchanges sometimes charge high fees for processing and transactions in the platform from their customers. This problem led Soraix to offer a solution for traders and introduced a new platform that charges low fees.

The Soraix platform is designed in such a way that traders will be offered unique trading tools and a good income distribution model. Investors on the Soraix platform will be allowed to exchange their capital for another or any other type of digital assets on the platform.

High level of trust and transparency, a good user interface are other features of the Soraix platform. A good user interface is an excellent feature of Soraix, in which both new and existing users can navigate through the Soraix system.

Key IEO details

  • SRX = 0,00025 ETH
  • Soft Cap: 4 500 000$
  • Hard Cap: 24 000 000$
  • IEO: 26.08 - 24.11

Product Team

You can still tell a lot about the project. To get acquainted in detail with all the nuances of the company, website, team, Whitepaper, roadmap, I will leave the necessary links below in the description. In conclusion, I want to say that this is a modern, innovative project that can make a breakthrough in the cryptocurrency sphere and bring profit to its investor in the near future.

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