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Energy consumption will be electric in the era we are approaching, since global energy consumption is estimated to grow by 30 percent by 2040, with industry and population growth in emerging economies being the main contributing factors, with electricity the largest area of ​​consumer growth.

Demand and supply will contribute millions of dollars to the energy elite, but for end-users there will be higher prices than inflation. We will all feel a common effect, but older people and low-income people will be most vulnerable. Lack of ability to cover rising energy costs will cause all of the above to fall into something called “fuel poverty.”

The project I want to talk about today is called FRED ENERGY. The main goal of this project is to push modern society towards the mass introduction of electric vehicles, as well as fully enter into a new era with them, where the use of electricity is the main source of energy for the entire space around us. Thinking about the main goals of this project, we can confidently say that all his thoughts are ethical and also aimed at protecting the environment, thereby creating a new, cleaner “green” future for all future generations. What I consider very important, given the deplorable situation in many countries of our common world.

We all know and understand that the use of non-renewable sources of energy and fuel leads to the obvious destruction of not only our environment, but also our health. In the end, their harmful decay products affect our airways and mucous membranes, of every person whose life is directly connected with the urban environment, gasoline cars and other industries where the same substances are found. Undoubtedly, this problem is one of the main in many countries and states, since with the growth of the population, the products of consumption of these non-renewable energy sources also increase.

You can solve the situation in the near future. Yes, it really is, to say, his decision began right now. Think of Elon Musk with his incredible ideas, as well as electric cars. If before people used to mistrust and misunderstand his ideas, now every self-respecting automobile concern creates its own model of an electric car. Thus, we can observe a new trend in this direction, the actions of which will slowly but surely begin to replace already obsolete gasoline cars and will come to more environmentally friendly transport both for the environment and for the whole modern society. Visit the site for new information:

The principle of the FredEnergy project

With permission to use the platform, suppliers will be able to manage all aspects of their products. Innovators will also be able to sell their products, share, discuss and receive feedback on their innovations. Numerous innovators will be united in one place, and this could allow cooperation on projects that could potentially revolutionize the energy system as we know it. The project seeks to partner with energy saving and generation device projects worthy of funding and partnership.

The main goal of Fred energy is to become an independent SRO, which will conduct research and identify emerging consumer-oriented niche markets. This particular electric vehicle charging market is growing rapidly, and it has great potential if you choose the right business model. Fred Energy plans to implement its projects within twelve months after the end of the token sale.

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