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ZEUX - The world's first crypto-mobile payment and investment application

Especially in our geography, the use of money is growing rapidly and the development of articles makes money can be printed in various ways. After centuries of shopping with money, the use of digital money began to expand thanks to the banking sector, which had developed until the 2000s as a result of certain developments. Now starting to transfer fast money through banks and several financial institutions to one end of the world during trading. The response to all this is prepared to be born. On October 31, 2008, the first step was taken for a currency with one of the greatest potentials of humanity. The first Bitcoin whiteboard was written 10 years ago by Satoshi Nakamoto. And then the beginning of the crypto money era for the world and the process of developing the blockchain began.

More than 10 years after bitcoin, crypto money and blockchain technology are growing rapidly. Especially in the past year, great awareness has emerged. To see the points we know today when we deal with this decade, I want to say that now, according to the Coinmarket boundary data, more than 2,000 cryptographers have completed startups of more than 2000 cryptocurrency and have joined the market. In addition, there is already on the road map near 500 Ico, and in 1 year, the number of existing cryptocurrency will be closer to 3000. Bitcoin is not easily understood when launched as a payment instrument, namely currency. Peer-to-peer is a tool that will allow direct money transfers between two people without a bitcoin facility. But things have developed a little differently. It's been a long time since people stopped taking crypto money just to pay. Bitcoin and all other crypto are now held for investment purposes. ZEUX However, it should be noted that Bitcoin is a payment tool, regardless of everything. However, from where we see the current conditions, payment of crypto money is difficult to understand and complicated in the existing system. In this article, I want to introduce you to a system that can solve all this complexity. Zeux is here to offer solutions for this difficult, complicated and problematic sector. Come on, let's try to understand Zeux.
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ZEUX is a project that began in the development process after being introduced as an idea in 2017. Zeux, which is from Europe, is basically the goal of providing complex, simple, convenient financial services, affordable prices, excellence and accessibility for everyone. This project is regulated in accordance with organizational rules, which include financial sector regulations, which are called UK FCA. According to the project roadmap, which will be activated in Europe in 2019, its services continue to expand to Africa and America by 2020. While world investment reaches $ 7 billion in 2017, this figure is expected to grow to $ 12 billion in the year. Thus, the potential for working with crypto money in the future increases. However, payment issues are important to us.

Financial services that appear to have problems in the world. For example, investing can be difficult and low income. In addition, you have to deal with many documents when working with banks for investment purposes. Despite the interest in crypto money in our time, it is not easy to invest in crypto in the current banking scheme. The problem of money transfer is one of the most important returns of crypto money. The money transfers made to the banking sector during the pre-crypto money period caused expensive and unnecessary waste of time.

Zeux has solutions to solve more financial problems, like this, and so on. If we do NFC technology with our mobile devices during payment, we make money transfers in a very short time and without a bank, safe for safekeeping. And if we use transparent data and do all of this, isn't it fun to enjoy the benefits of investing at the same time?
Let's look at the main features of the Zeux platform.

 A platform that can provide access to multi-investment products that work with crypto and hernia
 Integrate users so that they can run multiple bank accounts at the same time.
 Safe and not centralized storage under KYC (Customer Diagnosis). Networks that can be stored on the blockchain from past transaction records and are open to access.
 Infrastructure that offers the possibility of payment with prices and large crypto coins to POS devices
 Free participation and free membership.
 Without payment of fees or commissions.
 Global money transfers quickly and safely without limits with Zeuxcoin.

ZEUX We can see that Zeux offers a super platform that can be used as a payment tool when we think of these features. In particular, this can be a great privilege to be able to pay with each currency from a POS device. When we think that payments made with NFC have increased by 20% over the past year, it should not be ignored that this innovation with zeux can be very profitable.


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