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IronX | World-Class Exchange

January 3rd, 2019 is that the date marks the 10 year anniversary of the invention of bitcoin and also the blockchain technology. Over the past decade, thousands of cryptocurrencies are fancied by many firms who see the large potential the blockchain technology possess.

The true extent of the blockchain's potentials is, however, to be seen as new development, enhancements and innovations keep revolutionizing the crypto space.

The open source nature of the blockchain means new firms will simply source funds from investors through public ICOs in exchange for the native token of such project. This has consequently seen the number of cryptocurrencies increase at a large rate and also the market growing at a huge pace.

Crypto users and investors trust exchanges for the acquisition if their crypto assets, diversification of their portfolios and conjointly trading activities. The size, volatility and comparatively new nature of the crypto market mean that crypto traders and investors would like exchanges to perform at optimum capability and even be additional newbie friendly so as to achieve thought adoption.

Cryptocurrency users, investors, traders and alternative entities trying to adopt cryptocurrencies are typically baby-faced with some challenges on the current crypto exchanges, a number of these challenges include; poor liquidity, security, lack of rules, entry barrier for enactment funds, quality client support and poor technical design leading to below par transaction experience.

Exchanges have played a giant role within the growth of cryptocurrencies to date, however, there's currently a requirement for a positive amendment within the nature and structure of exchanges so as to propel cryptocurrencies into the future stage.

In this article, I will be able to be introducing a revolutionary new exchange that has taken into account all the shortcomings of the current cryptocurrency exchanges and can be providing innovative solutions to those issues amongst alternative wonderful extra options. This exchange is termed, IRON X.
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Iron X is a fresh exchange which will introduce into the cryptocurrency market a bigger infrastructure and extremely innovative technologies antecedently absent among the present cryptocurrency exchanges.

This concept can, however, empower this exchange to open up the cryptocurrency market and its investors to a full new world of opportunities in each the money and ancient markets, at the identical time promoting cryptocurrency to the planet for higher adoption. Iron FX provides solutions to the same challenges that he is baby-faced within the crypto house.

Unlike a lot of alternative new exchanges and crypto comes having ICOs, Iron X isn't a project created by noobs of the money and crypto world who typically have very little technical and sensible expertise to copy their daring claims for disrupting the trade.
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Iron X is a project born from the approaching along of 2 industry giants, particularly IronFX group and EMURGO HK group. These firms are equipped with tons of expertise in each the money and cryptocurrency industries.
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IronFX cluster is a trade leader within the money market with their IronFX Solid trading platform that releases crypto investors to additional investment opportunities with access to the low-correlation quality categories they presently supply on their platform. These assets embody shares, spot FX, commodities etc.
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EmurgoHK group, on the opposite hand, are the creators of the extremely winning Cardano blockchain project of that its native coin ADA is presently the 11th prime rated cryptocurrency on the coinmarketcap.
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The coming along of those teams let alone alternative vital partnerships can turn out a project capable of creating a distinction within the crypto house.

Solutions To Exchange issues

Solution to liquidity: Iron X exchange boost liquidity of crypto assets by utilizing ready-made connections with multiple existing exchanges. to boot, world exchange (FX) market are integrated with the cryptocurrency market providing the type of liquidity that has ne'er been seen before. This options can give higher trading choices for investors and traders.
Solution To Regulation Uncertainties
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Lack of rules within the crypto house may be a massive drawback as each exchange and traders are faced with uncertainty regarding the lawfulness of their trading activities and assets. Iron X is, however, a completely licenced exchange below the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Solution To Lack Of client Support On Exchanges

Iron X includes an extremely expertise bilingual team of client support workers dedicated to given round the clock support to customers everywhere the planet in over thirty totally different languages.

All the Iron X solutions for the many issues that cryptocurrency exchange faces are well explained within the project Whitepaper. Kindly scan it for additional data.
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Amazing features

All of Iron X key options and edges are well explained within the project whitepaper. Listed below but, are many of them.

simple Fiat-to-Crypto funding
State of the art security and information protection
simple to use interface
unbelievably High-speed trading
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ICO Details

Token Ticker: IRX

Token Type: ERC-20

Token price 1 IRX = 0.42 USD

Tokens for sale: 82.308.213 IRX

Soft cap 18.000.000 USD

Hard cap 50.000.000 USD
irx token.jpg

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