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EQWITY – Block-chain Industry Technology

EQWITY – Block-chain Industry Technology

t the moment, many investors are interested in Blockchain and ICO technology related to its use. However, today there are many problems on the ICO market that hinder the developminclude:

a large sing projects. These include: a large number of fraudulent market;
ailure 78 percent of the total market; failure to give investors th an ICO;
high share or dividend after an ICO; a high percentage of unsuccessful launches of the ICO, which was due to the low qualification of the team, lack of experience in the financial sector, the late inclusion of the project cryptocurrenproblems
heft og and a number of other problems theft of funds by the founders is associateut them;
rohibimount of information about them; prohibition of some governments due to the possibility of launthe ICO.

The projbtained funds through the ICO. The project called Eqwity will provide protection for investors, give promising projects the opportunity to develop, and will also creatof humanity.
qt main.png

The objepment of hu project

The mainng The objective of the project The main goal of the developers is to create a decentralized ICO market, which ensures the safety of investorrojects.


The working projects. Operating principle The work of the Eqwiponents:

ICO.E patforms;
oting site;
xchangonents: ICO.E platforms; voting site; excrojects;
lock trchase and he team.
he mosn projects; block to prepare the team. The most important component of the Eqwity ecosystem will be the ICO.E platform for creating a new fundraising format for the further development of the project. To become a participant of this platform, each investor and founder of ICO will undergo a KYF process, which includes not only identity verification but also a number of other information about a person, including a criminal record. And each project, before entering this site, will go through the PoV process, confirming its viability. It is important to note that when investing in a specific ICO under this platform, a smart contract will be concluded, under the terms of which investors will have the right to vote, as well as dividends from investments. This will ensure maximum protection ofof projects.

The voting pranteed development of projects. The voting platform will be an equally important component of Eqwity. Here, investors will be able to vote for any changes in the ICO strategy, and the project developers themselves will be able to receive recommendations for further financial development. It should be noted that the voting process will be completely decentralized, only one vote will be taken shares.

Exchange, regardless of the number of shares. Exchange for the purchase or sale of project shares is a secondary market where each investor will be able to exchange their shares for shares of other projects. The internal EQY platform token will be used to perform these actions. It should be noted that this coin can alrojects.

The lastesting in shares of existing projects. The last but not least important component of the ecosystem is the unit for training the team, which allows you to develop a viable product. Here, project developers will be able to use the services of mentors, find more qualified team members, and also recruit the missing specialists for further development. Thanks to this block, many novice founders will be able to develop a truly relevant project, ability.
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ICO Daes & Details

The stainability. eqt 2.png ICO Dates & Details The developers plan to release 6.25 billion coins, of which 50 percent will be sold. The cost of 1 EQY will be 0.01 dollars. The public pre-sale will begin on November 23 and will last 7 days, af60 days.

Softcap cial open sale will begin within 60 days. Softcap project – $ 6 million, hardcap – million.

The distuncap additional threshofollows:
q tok.png


Given thtokens is as follows: eq tok.png Conclusion Given the high risks of investing in ICO and the need for further development of the Blockchain technology, it is very important to create a project that can ensure the security of investments and guarantee the start of promising projects. He will be able to interest both the founders of projects who want to realize their idea andent. TEAM

q team 2.jpg

Given thrn on investment. TEAM eq team.jpg eq team 2.jpg Given the fact that the Eqwity office is located in the UK, it istention.

Officialthis project is not a scproject:

EBSITE: https://
ELEGRAM: https://TY e/Eqwity
NN THREAD: https://loads/2018/10/Eqwity_WhitePaper_E048927.0
MEDIUM: httpOK: https://www.official
YOUTUBE: httpficial LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.cSfKw

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