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DigitalBits (XDB): The Blockchain Technology Economy Redesigned



DigitalBits project - creates your own blockchain for mass use. What will this mean, if you wish to unleash any token you'll have it off on Digitalbits. however, this can be solely a tool for the most project plan. the concept of DigitalBits is that everybody will produce their own distinctive loyalty program. Yes, you heard right the project Digitalbits aims to make loyalty programs that will implement cryptocurrency around the world. this can be a really serious plan. as a result of each business on the earth desires stable customers, and customers want bonuses and gifts. Loyalty systems powerfully influence business, in an exceedingly positive sense. This greatly will increase sales and helps to stay customers.

An example of how Digitalbits loyalty system will work



Business prospects

Creating your own freelance blockchain is marvellous. as a result of new conditions supported ETH or alternative blockchain are affected too much by market conditions. Simply, it'll save Digitalbits costs from falling. What attracts investors. operating during this direction, the project provides itself with a stable economy and big use. a decent niche for the corporate. Already on the project web site, there's plenty of data concerning software system, professionals will study this material.


Token data

The DigitalBits blockchain network is usually offered for the employment of everybody who is interested. Anyone is ready to make digital assets (also referred to as digital tokens) that are 100% easy /transferable on this decentralized network. once enterprises tokenize their loyalty points on this network, customers can receive points within the type of digital tokens.

Ticker: XDB

Total supply: 10 billion

Price: 0,004 per token

Token Distribution:

10% Grantand Partner Programs

5% Air Drops

50% Algo Pool

10% Qualified Person Token Sale

15% Founders Team and Advisors

10% future use by the foundation

More information


Website: DigitalBits:





ETH: 0xb4B1E12733383d07B754cA4D7d1E8141502bBD99

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