ATHERO with ecosystem which combines Finance, Blockchain and The Internet Of Things.

Athero is a platform for future sponsors designed on the blockchain Ethereum. The mission is to make a far better world through technology. Tho could be a world open source and decentralized mainframe computer which will be accessed by anyone.
Blockchain technology has the potential to make new businesses and supply measurable edges to the general public and personal sectors. To unlock this potential, Athero designed it to beat the most drawback and limit the exchange of skills and information integrity within the good product chain. With information from good packages more and more fragmented, measurability and value implications of distributed solutions are currently turning into apparent.
A set of markets and finance.
THO's the main goal is to become an entire resolution and supply varied services from the market and finance. Customers, each company and personal, access all the services they have from one platform. Blockchain technology provides us with the chance to develop your finances quicker with higher returns.
Promote demand through adoption.

The idea of the good city. (IoT)

Wi-Fi broadband network prepared. Discover the total world in good cities.
Intelligent parking technology (independent device networks is detected in varied areas, through magnetic fields, whether or not parking or space)
Smart and healthy surroundings (network with atmospherical pollution sensors, radio/gsm/ WLAN sensors targeted on health impacts)
We are searching for sensible applications. Athero can fill the empty house within the current economic model. Currencies that may still be massive caps or massive hats are those that extremely have totally different business use cases and worth propositions for shoppers.
Features, characteristics
Modern cryptographic databases are stratified and stratified, providing unequalled potency and eliminating failure points.
The Athero Partnership could be a startup partner in varied fields to bring blockchain technology employed in the $64000 world.
Athero's latest technology perpetually seeks the most recent technology standards and continues to expand its collaboration with international analysis organizations to stay technology safe and up-to-date.
Fast enlargement + Through Athero places stress on internet technology and makes the primary approach to bring blockchain technology to the subsequent application level.
Athero world Summit
A stratified and advanced stratified hierarchy provides potency and eliminates one purpose of failure.

Athero is a launch partner in varied fields to gift blockchain technology employed in the $64000 world.

Sharp technology
Athero perpetually examines the most recent technology standards and continues to expand its collaboration with international analysis organizations to stay technology safe and up-to-date.
Expansion + Adoption
Atheroes concentrate on internet technology and have the primary cellular approach to bring blockchain technology to new adoption levels.

Athero Platform
The Athero Foundation is a property public decentralization and decentralized IT infrastructure that focuses on growth and prosperity. Athero platform designed to extend trade by combining the net of Things and blockchain technology. Athero combines distributed in operating systems with open blockchain, uses enterprise virtualization for company networks, and agreement algorithms to spot higher offline solutions for data flow and procural wants. product application.
Athero Blocktherain Protocol and Athero Tokens
THO could be committal to writing currency from real currencies that are created to be integrated and employed in the Athero network, for applications distributed on the network. Initially, the Tho proposal was issued and enforced on the general public Ethereum block of the ERC-20 block.
Information for selling tokens
Starting: September 20, 2018, Saturday, 11:00 (GMT)
Deadline: January 20, 2019, Friday, 11:00 (GMT)
Softcap: $ 18,000,000
Currency exchange rate: 1 THO = 0.04 USD
Token: THO





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