Swiss Alps Energy ICO

Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) provides environmentally-friendly mining facilities in huts and farm buildings in the Swiss Alps that are no longer used. 

The blockchain community around the world is faced with such a problem as a very energy-intensive process of cryptocurrency mining and the emergence of a large number of business applications based on blockchain technology. At the same time, in the Swiss Alps, thousands of unused buildings are being destroyed because of today's spatial planning laws, which do not allow these buildings to be used for domestic purposes.  

  What is it? 

Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is the operating company of Swiss Alps Mining & Energy. The team is made up of experienced specialists in the areas of blockchain technology, mining of cryptocurrencies and the development of Hyperledger applications, as well as building engineers and energy experts. 

The team has successfully developed and implemented several business models based on blockchain technology. Swiss Alps Energy AG is currently going through the admissions process in a Swiss self-regulatory organisation (SRO).  

Sam Power Plants

SAM power Plants (Sam Power Plants) - a kind of power plants that provide mining containers SAM Cubes stable and cost-effective power. The electricity produced is delivered directly to containers or leased mining areas. Due to cooling problems and noise emissions from mining, the demand for suitable premises and electricity is very high. SAM can rent out both premises and electricity to its competitors.  

  SAM Cube 

The SAM Cube on show at the event proved to be a particular eye-catcher, which at 4x2x2 m is about the size of a minivan and has a processing power of 6300 MH/s (ethereum) and over 700 TH/s (bitcoin). 

The Swiss Alps Energy AG’s proprietary, modular cube system makes it possible to directly install premade mining components in the Alpine huts without having to modify the buildings. The average temperature in the Swiss mountains of less than 15°C means that the SAM cubes don’t require any air conditioning. 

The SAM Token

All services provided by SAE as well as the purchase of power and cubes will be paid in SAM tokens. The SAM token can be used to rent mining infrastructure (including or excluding energy) or hardware as well as to buy SAM Cubes. Basically, Sam serves three purposes: 

  • Lease and sale of mining hardware and SAM Cubes.
  • Securing electricity costs and selling energy to renters.
  • Setting up the Swiss alps blockchain as a service blockchain for companies, e.g. in the field of KYC solutions.

All services can be paid with the SAM Token.   


  1. Token sale: 68.9 %. 
  2. Token pre-sale: 6.1 %. 
  3. Founding team andpartners: 10.0 %. 
  4. Early angle token: 8.0 %. 
  5. Bounty campaigns: 5.0 %. 
  6. Future contributors: 2.0 %. 
  7. Token sale Brands: 68.9%.  

  Team Swiss Alps Energy 

Swiss Alps Energy AG rents entire cubes or individual computing capacity within cubes, and at the same time guarantees extremely energy-efficient and cost-effective mining. The diffuse geographical spread of the SAM Cubes means that Swiss Alps Mining & Energy is in a position to provide hosting for decentral blockchain networks.   

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