Peer 2 Peer Global Network

Peer 2 Peer Global Network is birthed with the aim to solve the burning financial problem that unemployment causes with these unavoidable and unfortunate life incidents. 

Peer 2 Peer Global Network specializes in solving those problems. We do just that with a network that utilizes trigger-executed smart contracts to assure delivery of payment in a decentralized blockchain environment when validated! We do this because we are dynamic team who places a high value on problem solving.  


Things happen. That’s life! At times, it can feel as if you’re a ship at sea, lost in the storms of misfortune. As a member of the P2P Global Network, we provide the evacuation helicopter, so you can rise above the waves.  

System project 

P2P Global Nеtwоrk wаѕ developed wіth the aim tо solve thе іnсrеаѕіng financial рrоblеm that unemployment саuѕеѕ wіth thеѕе unаvоіdаblе аnd unfоrtunаtе lіfе іnсіdеntѕ. Pееr 2 Pееr Glоbаl network specializes іn hеlріng those who соmе асrоѕѕ unеxресtеd fіnаnсіаl lоѕѕ whеn thеу become unemployed. Bу uѕіng thе latest Blockchain tесhnоlоgу.  

  All it takes to receive P2P benefits is to purchase one of our low-cost membership plans with P2P tokens, that accrue value until you need it most. Upon the event of job loss our process is simple! Members simply submit proof of their unemployment within the P2P application, and click submit. Next a secure Smart Contract will evaluate the authenticity of the application, and validate that the requirements have been meet. Lastly, a Five-Member Peer Consensus Team will answer a short questionnaire and payment is delivered.  


The P2P Global Network

  • Anonymous crowdsourcing decision process.
  • Undisputable Blockchain Ledger.
  • Trusting trigger executed smart contract.
  • Distributed data ledger.
  • Decartelize transaction validation process.


One of the key impacts of the network is in accelerating the speed with which you can get things done p2p platforms and only a decentralized platform can offer this quality.  

Token Distribution 

  • 40% Allocated to Token Sale.
  • 30% Allocated to Ecosystem Management, R&D.
  • 10% Allocated to Reserve.
  • 16% Allocated to Team and Advisor
  • 4% Allocated to Marketing and Promotion.

Benefits of P2P Global Network 

Tokens Buying our Token means you are joining hands with us to secure your future. We will continuously work on new ideas and new technologies to improve our partnership with you. There is no limit to where we can take P2P with a team like ours. Now is the best possible time to get involved! Stock up on our P2P Tokens today as there is only and ever will be a limited circulating supply. Stock up and secure your future while supply last.  


2018 Q2 

Concept Generation.

P2P Global Network Initial Thought Process, Business Plan, Strategic Plan & Minimum Business Team Assembling.

2018 Q3 

Strategic Plan. 

Research & Analyses, Tech Team Assemble, Whitepaper Drafting, Implementation & Coding and MVP Product Design and Application Development. 

2018 Q4 

Initial Coin Distribution(ICD). 

Partnerships, Business Team Assembling, Production & Beta Version of Product Launch & Product Marketing. 

2019 Q1 

MVP Development.

Product Enhancement and UAT Testing, Continued Partnerships, Continued Business Team Assembling & Product Marketing.

2019 Q4 

P2P Global Network in Operation.

P2P Global Network in Full Operation & Continued Partnerships.

2019 Q3 

User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Full Scale Product Launch & Maintenance, Continued Partnerships & Product Marketing. 

2019 Q2 

Beta version of Product launch.

Product Enhancement and UAT Testing, Continued Partnerships & Product Marketing.


Fіnаnсіаl stability is one of the mоѕt important aspects of everyone’s lіfе. P2P Glоbаl Nеtwоrk mеmbеrѕhір plans will help уоu асhіеvе financial ѕtаbіlіtу bу mееtіng your bаѕіс nееdѕ оf lіfе.

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