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  Nebula Exchange is an unique centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that combines a state-of-the-art trading platform with news, technical analysis, user reviews and P2P-messaging to provide a one-stop community trading solution. 

We believe that in the nascent stage that cryptocurrency markets are, traders, especially new ones, need a lot more than just price and volume information to make decisions. Everything you need to research a coin will be available on Nebula Exchange. Now let's look at this site in more detail.  

  Review objectives 

Nebula Exchange — a new generation of block chain using AI, which is designed to solve the problem of finding computing power using Exchange technology. The authors also aim to establish a system of inter-regional resource transfer and writing of a comprehensive and decentralized decisions on the basis of the AI for easy integration of micropayments, decentralized functions and applications. In addition, they intend to achieve the transformation of the Association of Daps and AI applications of the new generation — DAIKIN. 

The Nebula Exchange  project aims to create decentralized computing systems using AI, which will reduce the energy costs of the traditional algorithm for mining PoW by converting the GPU into Exchange computing services. The new generation blockchain will allow developers to create THEIR own Dai applications based on the Nebula Exchange block chain with a common programming interface and the ability to generate income in NBAI tokens. Both paid and free apps will be available for users. 

All operations in the system will be irreversible. A distributed computing network will provide a high level of computing power with low latency. The conversion of graphics processors will allow to provide more cost - effective services using AI. To distribute their apps, the company has established a training centre for Exchange in Canada.  

  ICO Details 

Ticker Symbol: NESC.

Platform: Ethereum.

Accepts: ETH, BTC.

Soft Cap: 500,000 USD.

Hard Cap: 20,000,000 USD.

Country: France.

  Scope Nebula Exchange 

With the advanced technology of the blockchain from the Exchange, the user can focus on key business functions. The platform provides everything you need, including payment over the network, leased computing resources, decentralized service, etc.  

Quant AI

Time series analysis and deep learning learning models based on AI algorithm for real-time trend prediction and implementation of automated cryptocurrency trading. This forecasting system in the field of digital currency trading can be used to predict the movement of coins. Users can initiate the process by entering a specific set of training data for the network and a training script. The calculation of the price forecast will be carried out by a decentralized service AI. 

The user will also need to pay a certain amount of tokens for this service, which will allow developers to earn on creating applications based on smart contracts.  

Sentiment analysis

The construction of natural language processing algorithms on the block chain allows the user to classify the polarity of the text and extract the author's attitude. All offers sent along the chain will be recorded.  

  Network architecture and consensus 

Nebula Exchange is a decentralized blockchain system designed for a variety of computer services I. the Idea of this and other similar projects is based on two simple things. On the one hand, there is a lack of computing power for machine learning and data analysis, and on the other hand, there is an excess of these capacities in the sphere of mining, which from a practical point of view is absolutely useless. Some resources to address this contradiction are provided by the NEO infrastructure (Deep Brain Chain, Effect.AI), there are also parallel blockchain projects (, Consensus). But only Nebula AI combines in-network computing and the development of its own tokens, anonymous nodes without proof of access and models of providing commercial services.  

  Consensus is achieved through the modified PoW algorithm, where tasks is a paid computing: neural networks, decoding structures, etc. In the test versions of the tasks are chosen from a specific list and in the full version are provided by users. 

Nebula Exchange of them are similar to the tasks of minimizing the hash by the complexity of its finding and the simplicity of checking the result, but differ in practical (that is, economic) cost. In addition, the network architecture will enable the integration of individual nodes in a dynamic clustered pools with "the books". Therefore, there is no need for "proof". At first glance, all this seems to be just an incomprehensible set of complex terms. This is partly true. But the idea is simple and clear. This is a new block chain system that will be managed by mining farms on the same principle as the Ethereum PoW algorithm. Only their computing power will be used to solve problems related to the needs of Nebula Exchange. To train a certain AI algorithm requires a lot of resources. 

The Nebula Exchange project involves using the power of the graphics card not for the routine calculation of hashes, but for the training of neural networks. The cost of a unit of energy in such a chain will be significantly lower. For all calculations on the platform, the developers intend to release the NBAI token of the ERC-20 standard. After the launch of the main network in September 2018, they intend to transfer the platform to its own block chain.  

  Preferences of the Nebula Exchange venture

  • The arrangement of levers. In Nebula Exchange, clients will have the capacity to exchange with a use up to 1:10. At the end of the day, the undertaking offers plentiful open doors for merchants who experienced childhood with Forex. Records in the Nebula Exchange are widespread clients can utilize one satchel for an assortment of trade exchanges, including exchange utilizing acquired assets.

  • Demo. The group gives a remarkable exhibit venture in which we can watch outlines from TradingView and significantly more. 

  • Fiat Trading. The engineers of Nebula guarantee to make conditions for exchanging the monetary forms (specifically, EUR and USD). For this situation, the store alternatives will be very sheltered, and the method of KYC is disentangled. 

  • Purse. The Nebula Exchange venture offers a wallet with the capacity to make a few marks. The wallet will incorporate every one of the highlights that are normal for this innovation. 

  • Numismatics. The last rundown of monetary standards the Nebula task will coordinate with isn’t yet known. Be that as it may, there is as of now data that numerous trades will be accessible inside the trade, which are seldom accessible on different trades. This, obviously, describes the undertaking from the best side.  

Helix (PoW)

Public blockchain network based on Nebula Exchange and smart contracts, based on an independent Ethereum network, which has such advantages as: 

  1. low traffic delay; 

  2. individual GAS settings; 

  3. individual complexity.

It provides the motivation of the miners to make a profit through smart contracts instead of striving for income from franchise contracts. The Protocol provides for increasing the speed of block generation and token emission. 

According to different computing abilities, each node of the AI system will receive tasks from the pool through smart contracts. As a result of their decision, the nodes will receive rewards. Settings smart contract will include the address of the task, workload, and costs of computing power (PoW).  

Orion (PoG)

Because of the big data for learning systems based on And, the time required to acquire this data in the system becomes a very important factor. A feature of cloud computing is closer to the distance between the nodes in comparison with traditional communication technologies. The lower the cost of communication, the higher the corresponding computational efficiency. Based on this and existing issues of consensus mechanism, the project developers decided to use a new algorithm — proof of group (PoG). 

It is based on work nodes and registers. A worker node is the primary component of a network for performing AI computing tasks. Its main role is to perform computational tasks using AI technology.  

  In addition to the usual calculations, the register can also be responsible for managing other nodes and performing the functions of the Registrar. When an AI task is to be performed in a distributed manner, the register is responsible for allocating subtasks to all nodes in the area. The results of the task are then written to IPFS. The completed smart contract on the results of calculations is sent by the Byzantine consensus to the register for verification.  

Nebula Exchange advantages

Leverage. Nebula Exchange will allow for users to trade with up to 1:10 leverage through the use of derivatives. The nice thing about Nebula Exchange is that a client can use their account both for buying and selling cryptos and for leveraged trading.  

Demo. There is a nice demo of Nebula Exchange’s trading platform, with charts from TradingView, depth of market, order book, etc. 

Fiat trading. Nebula Exchange will also offer the option to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for fiat – EUR and USD, with a simple KYC procedure and secure deposit options. 

Wallet. Nebula Exchange will also offer a multi-signature wallet. 

Coins. Although we could not find a definitive list of the coins available for trading on Nebula Exchange, we notice that there will be some more obscure tokens and altcoins that seldom appear on other exchanges, if at all, in addition to the popular ones like Bitcoin, Ether, etc. 

Proposals. In the light of Nebula’s intentions to offer a platform for obscure coins, developers have the option to propose their coin for listing, by filling in a brief form on the site. 

Ratings. Traders will be able to vote and rate the various projects and coins on the exchange, similarly to products ratings in online stores like Amazon. Thus scams, worthless investments, pump & dumps, and projects with no substance, clear vision, and strong developers will receive poor ratings, giving newcomers and casual traders a more efficient method of segregating projects.The altcoins and projects with high ratings will be rewarded with free advertising on Nebula’s front page. 

Security. Nebula promises multi-signature encrypted cold storage of client funds, in order to prevent hacks and thefts. 

Mobile apps. In addition to everything else, Nebula promises the launch mobile application for Android and iOS devices that will enable clients to trade on the go. This is still in the works, though.  

  Road map 

The document contains a short but informative road map. The project was officially presented in the 4th quarter of last year. Already in the 1st quarter, a new project site was presented, the team announced the completion of the development of the platform – a beta version was officially presented. In the second quarter, the team was actively engaged in the ICO.  

The listing of NESC tokens is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of the year. The project has set up interaction with Ethereum in the second quarter, and the exchange with bitcoin will be available only in the third. Also in the 3rd quarter will be held a listing of secret tokens. At the end of the year it is planned to present the application for Android.  

Token distribution

  1. Product Development and Operational Expenses 50.0%.

  2. Global Team Expansion 25.0%.

  3. Marketing and Promotion 10.0%.

  4. Legal and Licensing 15.0%.

  Team project 

The team, led by CEO Vincent Jacques and CMO Nathan Collins, have significant trader and entrepreneur experience, and are confident that it can address the concerns, requirements, and demands from the cryptocurrency community.


A strong project team, a working test network and a well-thought-out road map speak in favor of the idea's prospects. Among the weaknesses, it is worth noting the lack of marketing funding, which will allocate only 5% of the tokens. On the other hand, block chains based on AI are a relative innovation in the field of cryptocurrency technologies and experience in their promotion is not yet wide enough. However, the level of competition in the field of combining AI and cryptography is quite high, which is also worth considering. 

Nebula exchange solves the costly and costly problem. The platform is a prime example of the meaningful use of smart contracts and is therefore absolutely groundbreaking for the future. With their experienced team and a very good vision, this is a serious project with great prospects of success.  

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