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  Good day, dear readers. In this article, I decided to disassemble the platform Investa. Investa offers a unique platform of complimentary crypto services which work in tandem to enable our users to manage and invest their Crypto in a managed portfolio. Investa has been engineered to offer best in class crypto fund management, ICO investment, lending, prepaid debit card and ATM network.  

Investa gives you the power of an ecosystem of crypto fintech from within a mobile app. For the first time, you can move, manage, invest, exchange and lend your crypto by simply clicking and interacting with the app. Investa offers the oversight of professional fund and asset managers to help ensure that your funds are invested wisely in the most fruitful opportunities in the crypto space.  

  About Investa 

It should be noted that Invicta is not a simple project, it includes innovation, security, scalability and flexibility. Developers have worked on transparency even outside of open source. They seek to transfer control of the platform to the community. Even attract auditing firm for dispassionate third-party verification, the results of which will be available to all comers. In addition, the founders personally limited themselves in possession of a part of the project in the amount of 20% during the first year. This is partly done to preserve the stability of the inv token. 

  Detail ICO 

Name of the token: INV (INVESTA). 

Standard: ERC20. 

Price: 50,000,000 INV. 

Soft cap: 1 000 000. 

Hard cap: 30 000 000.  

  Platform feature 

What the platform offers:

  1. Best exchange rate and minimum transaction fees.
  2. Enhanced security for all members and direct access to a variety of services such as dashboard, lending, asset management, INV cards, transaction services and more.
  3. A trust-based electoral mechanism will ensure democratic principles of the project. 

But due to operational control and security factors, it is not possible to create a complete source code, but the developers will try to attract and interview the community about their views on the most important issues and solutions.  

  Transparency Investa

Engage an auditing firm for third-party audits, the results of which will be shared with the community. During the first year, the founders will not be able to liquidate their INV in the amount exceeding 20% of the total pool. This is necessary to prevent dumping and to maintain a stable price of the token, as well as to ensure consistency of the interests of investors with the interests of the INV community in the long term. 

Reserved funds from the token crowdsale will only be available for the stated purposes, such as liquidity or community rewards. The price of INV during future token crowdsale events will be determined, among other things, by the stock price INV immediately before each crowdsale event. 

This means that the various control functions will be delegated to the relevant governing bodies, internal or external, in order to ensure greater transparency and oversight of the internal device of InvestaCoin. 

The platform has a staffed, motivated team that strives to improve and enhance complex crypto operations, and I believe this is a very important goal. And also has all the necessary knowledge and experience for the successful implementation of the project. Thank you for your attention, and see you soon friends!  

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