Athero - blockchain 3.0 reaches finance

An ecosystem which combines Finance and Blockchain. Complex platform build on top of the Ehereum blockchain. THO is a global, open source and decentralized supercomputer which anyone can access. Secured, Trusted and Fast expanding. 

Athero THO token will be listed at several top tier cryptocurrency exchanges. Our team has reached preliminary agreements with representatives of these markets.  

What is it?

The ATHERO ICO project provides a new Protocol that allows IOT to communicate over the Internet for both data exchange and commercial purposes. The project was developed by Athero Technology. The Athero infrastructure will include the four pillars necessary to create a truly secure and scalable ecosystem. Defines the untrusted device identification via the service registration of the device identifier. 

The reputation of the Protocol to encourage and allow Atero and other third-party auditing agencies to decentralize the creation of systems to detect and remove potentially dangerous devices. This economic system includes registration and activation of equipment and contributes to the prestigious eco-registration system among third-party auditors and transaction confirmation services. A fully scalable architecture designed to provide the Foundation for IoT security applications.  

Detail ICO

Ticker: THO. 

Platform: Ethereum. 

ICO Price: 1 THO = 0.04 USD. 

Available for sale: 2,000,000,000 THO. 


The backbone of Athero is sustainable public decentralization and a decentralized computing infrastructure that focuses on growth and prosperity. Athero is a platform designed to improve Commerce by combining Internet Things and blockchain technology. Athero combines a distributed operating system with a public block key, uses business virtualization for business networks and a consensus algorithm to determine the best stand-alone solutions for information flows and sources. 

THO is the national currency encoding currency that is created for integration and use in Athero networks for distributed applications on the network. THO original offer was released and implemented on a public block-host ERC-20 Ethereum asan token. 

Platform features  

  1. Smart benches. They will have built-in connectors for charging smartphones and free Wi-Fi.
  2. Smart car parking Technology. With the help of sensors, you can easily find free space in a nearby Parking lot.
  3. Specialized sensors for environmental monitoring.

The project has reached agreements on cooperation with well-known partners. Companies want to implement blockchain technology in their work and ATHERO will help them in this. The best specialists in the field of cryptography and blockchain development work on the project, so there is no doubt that the project will be able to shoot. Internet of Things (IOT) has an attractive market, and there are many opportunities for growth, with not many companies with similar products in the market less competitive.The project has a hard cap is not too high, advertising is quite good. 


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