CRYPTOMARKETCLOUD – The World’s First Platform That is Solely Designed To Benefit The Investor

The Fever about cryptocurrency is increasing, people have heard about it, and more and more people want to find more about it, and find a way to be a part of it. When blockchain technology came, so many things changed, for better, we say. So many businesses have improved, so many companies have started using crypto currencies in their work. The new ideas are coming every day. People want to invest in the new projects. We have the biggest tool in the world, and it is called the Internet. The internet is an enormous base of information where we can do anything. Internet has connected the entire world.

Because of the access to the internet we are able to get information about one of the most incredible crypto-project which is known as CRYPTOMARKETCLOUD
Crypto Market Cloud is building a first of it’s kind blockchain, self contained ecosystem, complete with a own blockchain, cryptocurrency exchange and crowdfunding platform. The CMC Ecosystem has been designed and developed with the investor in mind, when investing in CMC you will be part of all its products and part of the whole Ecosystem, all revenues, profit shares will benefit the investor. 5% of the every company that join’s the CMC Ecosystem, 20% of every network transaction, percentage in CMC ecosystem based on your investment and revenue based on your investment.

Crypto Market Cloud is already a developed and working product. The team of CMC is trying to build a full self-contained ecosystem. The Cryptocurrency Exchange of the platform will only accept and focus on token generation and listing for Security and Equity tokens.

You can start by creating your security or equity token on the platform’s blockchain. Every time a token has created a total of 5% will be reserved for the original CMC token holders. After this, your STO will be listed on the platform’s Crypto Market Cloud for fundraising. During this cycle, the platform will promote your STO to all the subscribers with the help of all the media channels. Once you are successfully done with the funding round, a guaranteed exchange listing will follow on native Crypto Currency exchange.

CMC is built on the advantages of an ICO in order to create an ecosystem that is going to bring the next big change in the global capital markets. CMC will enable decentralization of pre-seed investments by adopting unique capabilities of blockchain technology and also by providing a legal way to purchase security tokens. Tokenization of existing assets, creating of a total of 5% which will be reserved for the original CMC token holders with revenue streams, or other hybrid security tokens.

The Purpose

The purpose of the Crypto Market Cloud project is differentiating from traditional systems, providing a peer-to-peer service where block chain technology is used and participation is individual. It also provides a public service and aims at making the services that each participant can easily access.

It aims to design a platform where even those who do not have any knowledge in the cryptopara area can easily perform transactions and make profit, and to create an ecosystem that is managed in a decentralized structure, with intelligent contracts and autocontrol, using its own token in Crypto Market Cloud services.

The Mission

Create your own ecosystem, where investors are protected and benefit from every service CMC and the Company has all services in one place, starting from making tokens, releasing ICO / STO platforms and launching on the exchange.

Three Main Objectives of The Crypto Market Cloud EcoSystem

To decentralize the provisioning of CMC services, migrating from a global infrastructure operated by a small group of hyperscale service providers to a blockchain-based peer-to-peer infrastructure operated by millions of small individual providers and contributors of CMC resources.

To simplify the use of professional CMC services for all levels of web users turning such services into a commodity product that is universally accessible and utilized by the general public.

To monetize the new decentralized CMC services ecosystem with a dedicated cryptocurrency governed by a smart contract enabling automated and trusted reconciliation of payments between all peer-to-peer CMC services providers.

The Company has already achieved the first milestone by establishing its simplified provisioning and setup of CMC services that can be easily operated by even the most novice web users.

As a second phase, Crypto Market Cloud Eco-System intends to facilitate the creation of a globally decentralized CMC hosting grid, allowing CMC-based applications to automatically scale across millions of CMC service providers who are in fact individuals contributing small portions of their redundant home/oice computer resources to become a part of the block chain Crypto Market Cloud grid (thus eectively creating the new CMC) and benefiting from continuous Provider income.

The blockchain Ethereum-based Crypto Market Cloud TOKEN is intended to become the standard currency for the emergent decentralized Crypto Market Cloud services ecosystem, governing contribution based prorata payments, clearing and distribution of financial benefits to the new role players of the CMC.

On a naive schematic level, each Crypto Market Cloud TOKEN service is comprised of the following building blocks:




Crypto Market Cloud Applications

Payments and billing


Crypto Market Cloud has already a developed and working product which is, the Ico, Crypto Directory, Crypto, Blockchain and News hosting platform, but now we are going for a full on product, they are building a full self contained Eco-System, their own Blockchain, the own Cryptocurrency Exchange, which will only accept and focus on token generation and listing for Security and Equity tokens.

The CMC Eco-System

You have those brilliant disruptive ideas? you start by creating your Security or Equity token on our Blockchain, (every time a token is created a total of 5% will be reserved for the original CMC token holders) after which your STO will be listed on our platform Crypto Market

Cloud for fund raising, during that cycle we will promote your STO to all our subscribers through all our media channels (currently just over 40K subscribers), once you successfully complete the funding round a guarantied exchange listing will follow on our native Crypto Currency exchange.


For the fact that a decade of QE and other macro-economic factors, the market is shifting investments from the public markets to private markets. Both because there are less IPOs and because high returns are found more in the early stages of companies rather than when they go public. This means that there is INCREASED DEMAND TO INVEST IN PRIVATE EARLY STAGE COMPANIES SECURITY ICOs.

The Security ICOs can be a supplier for this real demand. Private investors that are not participating due to regulatory fears, will step in once there is a way to invest without this uncertainty. Security ICOs can be a supplier for this real demand. Private investors that are not participating due to regulatory fears, will step in once there is a way to invest without this uncertainty.
Financial Details

Here is an estimated forecast for the companies annual turnover and profits.
Token Allocation

Private sale 0.40$ 01/11/2018 – 22/11/2018 bonus 25%

Pre sale 0.50$ 23/11/2018- 14/12/2018 bonus 10%

ICO 0.60 15/12/2018 – 05/01/2019 bonus 5%
Total supply: 120,000,000

Circulating supply: 80,000,000

Token for sale: 70,000,000

Advisors, bounties, airdrops, marketing and advertisement: 10,000,000


2018 Q1: Idea for CryptoMarketCloud and team Assembly

2018 Q2: Development of CryptoMarketCloud begins

2018 Q2-Q3: CryptoMarketCloud Launch

2018 Q3: CryptoMarketCloud becomes a viable and successful ico platform

2018 Q3: CryptoMarketCloud Develops its own Token and team development

2018 Q4: Preparation For own Ico Launch, team assembly, white paper and website design

2018 Q4: Ico Launch

2019 Q1: Ico completion

2019 Q1: CMC token Listing on Exchange’s

2019 Q1: work and developing own Blockchain starts

2019 Q2: Own Blockchain completed and deployed

2019 Q2: creation of smart contracts possible on own Blockchain

2019 Q2: work on developing own CryptoCurrency Exchange starts

2019 Q3-Q4: Cryptocurency Exchange nished and deployed
Nick Nichols: CEO & Founder

Tanya Nichols: CFO & Deputy Founder

Shikhar Srivastava: CTO

Rahul Singh: Blockchain Developers

Malay Tripathi: Blockchain Architect

Ravi Arya: Senior Data Analysis

David Racca: Visual & Creative Director

Melissa Caprini]:

Nicoletta’s Business & Marketing Relations Manager Mainardi: Head of Onboarding Client

Abdul Kayum: Graphic Design Specialist

Alex Zenone: Sales Executive Director

Julie Otabuno: Community Manager

Advisory Team

Vladimir Denis

Guillaume Micouin

Quentin Herbrecht

Jūrgen Kob

Amit Kumar

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