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The cryptocurrency market costs more than $ 200 billion, but many users do not know how to buy coins and without mentioning where to spend their currencies, although at present, for service sector professionals, artists, small traders and others, there is a solid and real application, many stores and service specialists do not have the opportunity or a simple solution to make cryptographic money.

The below paper I am going to introduce BRAVO – a blockchain-based project which is going to help to address them.

Introduce to BRAVO
BRAVO, a mobile payment provider, is developing cryptocurrency transactions. BRAVO aim to solves various obstacles within the current payments market, user privacy, the blockchain and cryptocurrency methods of payment.

Bravo will provide:
An Incognito Payments protocol as a solution for enhanced privacy: a simple but secure password recovery protocol to ensure full control and access to their tokens and funds
Full control of privacy for users, funds and payments which are executed in
seconds without intermediary bank or third party blockchain platforms and no
hidden fees.
Not only enhances user anonymity and transaction transparency, but it also broadens the applicability and reaches by expanding the BRAVO ecosystem globally with a single platform that is seamless and consistent
Anonymous fiat or crypto payments seamlessly in seconds powered by a scalable hybrid blockchain
Find users nearby with the geolocation or search directly by username or private code
Incognitopayments protocol for additional security.
Capable of any type of payment including tipping, micro-payments or macro-payments
Transactions will be recorded immediately on the BRAVO blockchain and cannot be altered or tampered.
Simple account authentication and recovery protocol to ensure full control
and access to tokens and funds 100% of the time.
User’s funds can be attached to a private message via Bravo in-app messenger
Investment considerations
The question that most of you will have is that whether this project should be invested in. So, I have listed out some key points for you to take into consideration:

The Professional Team
The team of Bravo consists of probably the strongest tech members who have many years experiencing in blockchain industry. Coupled with experienced advisors, the team is perfectly prepared to deliver an impeccable product to the global market. The team is lead by Maria Del Carmen Luna - An Energetic serial entrepreneur with over 22 years of experience in marketing and managing consumer and healthcare brands at Nabisco and other top companies.
In addition, they have an advisory board of world-class talents in the fields of security, payments and blockchain.

The Product - An existing business with a solution developed
BRAVO started in 2014 by TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield Alumni, Maria Luna, and Dr Hector Rodriguez with a grassroots approach and was built from the ground up with iterative development incorporating user feedback in the software development lifecycle.
BRAVO’s minimum viable product (MVP) was built and launched at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco in September 2015 where it won the Audience Choice Award.22 Since then, BRAVO has continued to grow well beyond the test market of Arizona and has organically reached over 1,000 cities in the United States
The BRAVO beta version was recently featured on ABC’s Shark Tank in November 2017 where BRAVO landed a deal on the show.
The Community
BRAVO already has a community of tens of thousands of active users who make fast, safe and anonymous payments every day in the US. UU in multiple verticals such as Tipping industry, Peer-to-peer payments, Debt settlement and Micro-merchants payments.
The team are doing great at gaining popularity via social media channels and bounty programs. They have around 100,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram an Instagram - which is an impressive number.
BRAVO’s concept can be readily understood by everyone which contributes to the development of the data economy. Is this project a good investment? We are still not sure. The idea of this project is pretty interesting. However, it is also somewhat flawed unless the company discovers a way to get people to use the platform. An empty platform will not be attractive to anyone.
Because of this, study this company carefully before you can decide if this project might be a great investment for you or not. We will be here in case you need any more advice about companies which might be very interesting for investors like you.
The cryptocurrency market is starting uptrend right now, and you have to pay attention not to lose the best possible project on the market at this moment.

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