Vitality (VITA) - new IoTeX token

⚡️ Vitality (VITA) token is coming ‼️

🎉 The first IoTeX Network token that rewards community engagement via IoT product giveaways, crypto lotteries, and decentralized e-commerce!

✅ Learn more in our new post ➡️

👉🏼 Who's ready for VITA?! 🙋🏻‍♂️

Vitality (VITA), the first IoTeX Network token, is launching on Monday, June 17! 🚀

We've prepared answers to frequently asked questions (VITA) about VITA. Make sure to read our latest blog post - you don't want to miss your chance to earn VITA! ⚡️

➡️ New VITA launch + FAQs blog post:

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