🎉 VITA is officially LIVE

🎉 VITA is officially LIVE - ready to claim now?

🙌 Vitality (VITA) is an IoTeX Network token that directly rewards and promotes active community. All IoTeX voters are allocated a daily share of VITA which they can claim - new VITA can be claimed every day via IoTeX Wallets!

✅ Check step-by-step VITA claiming Instructionsns here: https://dium.com/@iotex/d3e47da997db

More Resources
➡️ VITA Website: https://iotex.community/vita
➡️ VITA Twitter: https://twitter.com/vitatoken
➡️ VITA Introduction: https://bre.is/YgPM9cFLY
➡️ VITA Detailed FAQ: https://bre.is/DrovU33o0
➡️ VITA Tasks List: https://vita.iotex.io/

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